Nature’s Gift

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One touch of nature makes the whole world kin –  William Shakespeare


If I ever feel busy, tired or uncertain, I turn to nature to become present and connect to the truth.


The sunset teaches me to let go of my day and to surrender to what is.

The sun teaches me to shine and allow light in my life.

The rain teaches me to cleanse and release heavy feelings.

The ocean teaches me that I am just one part of this expansive world and to expand my perspective.

The mountain teaches me to connect to my inner strength and courage.

The stars teach me there is always light in the darkness, I just have to focus on it.

The earth reminds I am supported and loved and to ground in my truth.

The sunrise teaches me to start again and to make new choices.


“Sometimes the most important conversation we can have is with the waves of the ocean, or the dewdrops on a blade of grass.  Sometimes the easiest way to love yourself is to realize that you are all these things.  You are everything you’ve ever loved.”

Vironika Tugaleva

34 thoughts on “Nature’s Gift

  1. Wow, you paint a great picture! Inspiring post. And here I turned to nature to have fun lol.

      1. Now rainbows…those taught me adventure, but I never found the gold. Sorry, your post has my brain going, now.

  2. Beautiful Karen, and so much truth here. I never cease to marvel at the way a bit of time in nature can bring me back to center. Wishing you a beautiful, sun-filled weekend! Xo

  3. Love this, Karen. Thank you for reminding us of our inherent connection to nature. It cares for us in so many ways. May we find our way forward…in respect to and support of the healing of our planet. 🙏🏻🦋🌎

  4. I learned the term “forest bathing” last year and I love it. Nature truly does heal us and we should immerse ourselves in it regularly. Balm for the soul . . .

  5. Love everything about nature. I am a nature lover and we all fit in with nature as we are part of mother earth. I have read about forest bathing ~ a place full of trees like a forest, in Japan where people are not supposed to run, but only supposed to walk, sit and relax among the trees. Just as much we enjoy, we need to protect and maintain the environment for our future generations. Thanks for the post Karen. Much Love, Light and Healing Energies are sent your way. God Bless 🙂 ❤

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