Be Impeccable

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Your words have great power.ย  Use them to support and inspire one another.

There’s a saying “Be impeccable with your thoughts and your word” and although it’s not always easy to do, when we understand that each thought and each word is a powerful energy that moves around and within each other, we may decide to do it differently.

Every time we think poorly of someone, or ourselves, that is the energy we are sending out to them and ourselves at the same time and likewise if we are thinking positively.

Often we are doing this unconsciously, but the secret is to become aware of this habit within and each time we notice a negative thought come in for ourselves or others, simply replace that energy with loving, kind and supportive thoughts and words.

If each of us practiced this daily, we would grow and strengthen a beautiful light filled inclusive energy in our world.


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24 thoughts on “Be Impeccable

  1. Words do have power! One of my favorite passions…words. Minding the words in our thoughts and our speech is key to living a peaceful life, I feel. Great post, Karen. โ˜ฎ๏ธ

  2. I feel you nailed it when you wrote, “when we THINK poorly of someone.. ” Think, not actually saying something negative can leave even longer lasting effects because it constantly goes over and over in ones head in an infinite loop. That can wear someone down especially if the negative thoughts are about yourself. Thank you for the reminder because it’s so easy to fall in that trap when your not present in your thoughts and actions.

  3. Powerful reminder of what kind of energy we are placing out into the world. I catch myself, often after the fact, but catching is important too. The goal is to be impeccable!

    1. I’m certainly not impeccable all the time! It’s definitely a practice of awareness and change. Sending you lots of light energy Heather ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’•

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