This is Me

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You are valued, you are loved, you are worthy.


Knowing our value in this ever changing world is often something many of us doubt.  It is easy to identify when we don’t feel valued, respected, or appreciated, but knowing intimately what our value is, regardless of age, requires us to journey on a road of self discovery.

When we know our value, we confidently approach a negotiation with full belief in our knowledge, skills, experience, wisdom and the difference we can make. Each of us have a unique approach and perspective in life that cannot be compared, and each of us is worthy of recognition.

However, what I keep discovering is that until I believe in my own worth and value, then no one else will either, no matter how often I seek approval.

I am of value already, no matter how many goals I achieve or how successful I am in life.  When I learn to feel comfortable in my authentic, unique, beautiful self; the world will naturally recognize this in me. Never forget you are worthy of this.

21 thoughts on “This is Me

  1. Agree and one of the things that needs regular reminders. This may help: Breath in and out while saying “ Breathing in I love myself, breathing out I smile”. This is a variation of some of Thich Nhat Hanh’s suggestions.

    1. Awareness is the most important step. Then all we need to do is create small steps of change each day. The rest will work itself out. Many blessings to you Ka. 💕💚

  2. This is so true, and a wonderful reminder, Karen. I have discovered this through my own experience, particularly in work life after I started my consulting business. But of course this applies to life in general.

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