Do it for them….

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“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ”   William James


I am grateful to work with people from all walks of life, and who remind me every day, that we all have a story to share.

Some stories inspire me, some sadden me deeply, but each story reminds me, I have a choice and a responsibility when I wake up in the morning, to live an authentic and thoughtful life.

A 3yr old boy who drowned.  A 10yr old girl who died from brain cancer. A 46yr old man who died of a heart attack. A 14yr old girl who took her life after being bullied. A twenty year old man who was killed in a car accident.  A 25yr old girl who died from a brain aneurysm. A 52yr old woman who lost her battle to breast cancer. A two-year old who died from Meningococcal disease. A 30yr old man who died from stomach cancer.

You may not know these people, or be part of their tragedies, or you may have your own tragic story to live through, either way; Choose well.

Each morning I decide to live fully in this moment. To take every opportunity. To be conscious of my thoughts coming in and out. To listen to my body and feel my emotions. To be impeccable with my word and my actions.  I don’t always achieve this, but every day is a new day to do it better.

Let’s do it for those who didn’t get a chance.

29 thoughts on “Do it for them….

  1. Good reminder, Karen 🙂
    I use to start my day being grateful for yet another day and end the day being grateful for being allowed to live this day too. This helps and place life in perspective.

  2. So easy to get caught up in our own personal dramas and lose sight of the fact that there are many others who have it much worse. Incredibly important to be grateful for every day we’re given, even if it’s not always easy. Thanks for the gentle nudge, Karen. May *you* have a beautiful day….

  3. Nice sentiments

    I believe gratitude and giving are linked to happiness

    Buddhist claim happiness does not happen in vacuum. We are attached to others and journey together not icompetition.

  4. In a community close to ours, 14 year-old boy took his own life last week, because he was bullied. I can’t imagine the pain he must have been feeling, nor can I imagine the pain and anger his parents must be enduring right now. It was a death that should not have happened. Why are some kids so terrible to each other?

    1. Sadly, Bullying and suicide is on the increase. I think suicide is one of the worst deaths, because it is a choice, and it leaves their loved ones trying to understand “why” for the rest of their lives. It’s very sad but I think everyone can help if they practiced working on themselves. Thanks Jennifer 💕

  5. Nothing like being around death to remind us to be in the present moment! I loved what you said, ” To be conscious of my thoughts coming in and out. To listen to my body and feel my emotions. To be impeccable with my word and my actions.” I want to memorize that and say it every day. It’s a great mantra! Thanks Karen. ❤

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