A Hidden Gift

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“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”  Mary Oliver


A young man about to finish his law degree, had been asking his father for a car as a graduation present for many months.  When graduation day came, the young man’s father called him into the study.  The father handed him a wrapped gift and congratulated his son.

Looking disappointed, the son opened the gift to find a lovely, leather-bound journal with the young mans name embossed on the cover.  The son angrily raised his voice, threw down the journal and stormed out.

Many years past and the young man did not see his Father.  He became successful and wealthy like his father, with a beautiful home and family.  He came to realize that his father was aging and it was now time to put the past behind him.

Just as he decided this, he received a call from a family member telling him that his father had passed away and that he needed to return home to take care of the estate.

As the son regretfully returned home, he began searching through his father’s important papers and saw the still new journal, just as he had left it.

He opened it and as he flipped through the pages, a car key dropped from the back of the journal.

A dealer tag was attached to the key that read, “Paid in full.”  His Father also wrote. “Wherever this car takes you, write about it and remember it forever, Love Dad.”


Without a doubt, life doesn’t always meet our expectations or unfold the way we planned it. However, when this happens in my own life, I know I have two ways of dealing with it.

1. Resisting and fighting against what is, and what I wanted.

2. Accepting this moment and trusting that my life is unfolding exactly as it should. From here, I stay in that place long enough to learn what it wants to teach me. Long enough to find the gift.. and from this place, I realize, I have what I need.

62 thoughts on “A Hidden Gift

  1. Love the Mary Oliver quote. There are many gifts in difficulties that we don’t see until looking back some time later. Enter the trust part. That was a sad story, Karen. I feel for him having to live with the guilt. On the other hand, seeing in the end how much his father loved him was a gift. Bitter/sweet.

  2. A beautiful reminder that not all gifts are what they seem and if we don’t have patience and hope we can’t see the real gift. I’m glad this young man saw the gift he should have has but also the depth of his father’s love reach out to touch him so many years later.
    xxxx Huge Hugs xxxx

  3. This post resonates deeply, Karen. Today is my mother’s 80th birthday, and to say we have struggled from time to time is an understatement. But lately I have been working hard to focus on the gifts she has given me, rather than the obstacles she has thrown in my path. Grateful I have the chance while she is still with us….

    1. A beautiful example Lori. And your honesty describes a relationship that many have experienced growing up. It’s not an easy path to find the gift and yet, when we focus differently, as you have, you find strength, courage, compassion and resilience and I see that gift clearly in you Lori. 💕💚

  4. (… it looks like there’s no other recent post… just wondering … as I noticed many have issues with WP deleting or not updating their sites…)

  5. What a story! But there are some moments in life that are so difficult to accept that the gift they may be bringing will not be found for a long time. Something to ponder. Thank you, Karen.

  6. Yes I also know the gift of darkness. It is not only darkness we receive many hidden gifts like that in life, and it’s up to us to take them as challenges and overcome them and move on to the next level. Thank you for your wise words. Much Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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