A thousand times enough

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You are enough, a thousand times enough.


There is a story of a cracked urn which was used to carry water from the fountain to the master’s table.  Because of the crack in the urn, it leaked water along the pathway arriving at the master’s house only half full, while another urn, without an any cracks, was able to hold its full capacity of water for the household.

One day the water carrier felt compassion for the cracked urn and asked why it was so sad.  The urn felt that its flaws were of no use, especially compared to the undamaged perfect urn. But the carrier asked the urn to look down at the footpath where it leaked water every day.

“What do you see?” asked the carrier to the cracked urn.

“I see flowers!” said the urn.

“That’s right,” said the carrier.  “These flowers have sprouted because of you.  Each day they became an offering of beauty and grace upon the master’s table.”


No matter what flaws we think we have, when we take time to accept and love ourselves completely, we will discover our true purpose and unlimited potential.


26 thoughts on “A thousand times enough

  1. What a wonderful story! My heart feels full having read it. It’s true, when our perspective is in judgement, we miss some good stuff that we may have created or caused. Thanks Karen! ❤

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