Echoes of Life

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What we send out comes back. What we sow, we reap. What we give, we receive. Our life is an Echo. –


When we stand on the edge of a canyon or a mountain and shout something, the world and the universe echoes our own voice back.

So the question is:

What are you shouting out to the universe with your thoughts, and your words?

What is coming back to you as a result?

Shout something positive today. “I love you”Β  “Thank you” “I am happy,” “I have everything I need”Β Β 

Choose differently and see what returns to you.


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46 thoughts on “Echoes of Life

  1. Have always found this to be true, Karen, but also know that it’s easy to lose sight of this wisdom in the press of everyday life. Thanks for the gentle reminder! Wishing you a lovely day. You are appreciated! Xx

  2. What a great reminder Karen! I was reading the other day about “boomerang thoughts” and how our thinking can come right back to us. There is real wisdom in this.
    p.s. Love the new profile photo!

  3. Every little ripple echoes all over the world. So what we put out comes back to us, and also everywhere else. We are responsible for the energy we put out there. I love that – “I love you” β€œThank you” β€œI am happy,” β€œI have everything I need!” So great!

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