Move with Ease

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The path to truth is seeing what is untrue in every moment.   – Adyashanti

Our minds have an amazing ability to create pictures of our life from two perspectives.  One is the truth and one is a lie.

When life has been difficult for me, I have wanted it to be different and in that space, I have believed that when I achieve my goals or a change in direction, I will feel peace and be happy again.  But what I have discovered again and again, is that when I do not accept my situation and learn to feel peace in that difficult space, then I will not feel it any other time.

It is a practice to embrace the waves of life.  Some are high, some are insignificant and some are low.  Allowing these waves to rise and fall as they will, in their own time and in their own way, I have learned to move with them, not against them and this always brings peace and flow, as I move forward.

Conflict cannot survive without your participation – Wayne Dyer

38 thoughts on “Move with Ease

  1. ‘Resistance = suffering’ takes a while to sink in, lots of awareness practice to realize one is suffering because one is resisting. Letting go eases the suffering… almost seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s why it’s a challenge for so many. 🙂

  2. Love this, yes it is so much about being able to sit with whatever presents itself . . . sometimes that is not always easy! Love the quote by Wayne Dyer as well, beautiful reminder.

    Karen, my son and daughter-in-law are moving to Australia for apx. a year on a work/holiday VISA and then moving onto NZ to return to school. Perhaps they can have coffee with you or something if they are in your area. First they are going to Darwin to work for a few months, and than Tasmania I think. They leave April 12 with a stopover in Fiji and then onto Australia.

    1. Wow big news that your son is moving to Australia. I would welcome them both anytime. I am in Brisbane Queensland and that is a couple of hours flight from Tasmania and Darwin. Tasmania is a beautiful part of Australia and they will love it. Darwin is so different and very hot and humid but still beautiful too. If they get to this side of Australia send me an email. I hope their travels move with ease!! Thanks Heather 💕

  3. Riding the waves is easier in hindsight. Thank you for the reminder to stay present with whatever comes up and et go, to go with the flow. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Karen 💕

    1. I am really starting to see this in my own life. To focus on my abundance and what I do have. I think the practice really eases any discomfort. Thankyou Val for your wisdom too and your support 💕💚

  4. Ooh, I like the Wayne Dyer quote! Reminds me of my friend who always says, “You don’t have to attend every fight you’re invited to.” When in the surf, if I resist the wave, it pummels me. But if I go with it, how fun. Thanks for the reminder:).

    1. Good question Julie. For my practice I meditate every morning and learn to sit with and accept what is going on today. Each day is different. I watch my thoughts through the day and see if I am worrying about the future or thinking about the past and then pull my thoughts back again to this moment. It definitely takes time to do this easily but it really works and is always a practice ❤️ I hope this helps. 🙏🏻

      1. I think you are sad Julie because you maybe resisting your reality. As soon as you can practice accepting that reality, you will live each day the best way you can, in those conditions. Don’t try and change it in your mind or spend energy wishing it was different. See the good in everyday and in your life now exactly as it is. It’s always there to see when you focus differently. Much love to you. You have the courage within to do this. 💕

  5. Anything that isn’t Love is a lie. It always feels so good to be in the flow. Letting go of the non-truths sooner is sort of a mantra for me. It often seems like letting go is difficult, but it is the holding on, or the resistance that hurts. Sometimes that is hard to see – like when in the middle of something big. Like you say, being quiet and sorting out what is truth and what is lie. The world is so impossibly weird these days…. Staying in the big picture always helps me – not getting caught up in things of the world. All I have to do is walk out my door and walk down the path, and instantly I feel resistance dissipate. I love that. Thanks Karen. Beautiful post, and beautiful wave photo to go with it.

    1. Oh I love that “Anything that isn’t love is a lie!”that includes the lies we tell ourselves. Beautiful truth in your comment Mary. The world is impossible at times and definitely weird ha, but we only have to work on ourselves each day and that creates space for everyone. Nature always heals me too. Love to you too Mary 💚💕🍀🌿🍀

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