Daily Discipline

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Dig the well before you are thirsty (Chinese Proverb)


 I learned many years ago why I need a daily practice of stillness.
We are vibrational beings who collect and release energy with each other, everyday. This accumulation of energy can become heavy over time, especially if there is lots of stress or relationship issues going on.
Tuning in daily to my feelings and my energy levels is important.  It allows me to understand what my body is showing me and what I need to do to change that energy and replace what I have lost.
Why would I carry someone’s heavy energy around in me, if I don’t need to?  Why would I stay locked in anger and pain if it is affecting my health? These are choices I make each day in stillness, the more I release and replace, the more energy I have.
Dig the well before you are thirsty.  When I create the energy I want within, I attract the life I need.

35 thoughts on “Daily Discipline

  1. Ah, yes. I will try to remember this when meditating feels like just one more thing to do:). The quote brings to mind the pragmatism of my grandfather, who would tell me: “Eat my child, and then get mad.” Meditate before we need to, right? Wise words!

  2. Dropping the cords of negative energy that bind us requires mindfulness, but boy, it’s so important. Thank you, Karen, for this reminder (and implicit permission) to let go of the things that don’t serve us. Sending good energy your way!

  3. Yes, I love this. Dig the well before we are thirsty. ❤
    Like Eliza, I am most centered on my daily walks in Nature. And doing Tai Chi outside.
    Thank you Karen, for your wise words.

  4. This is very good, and something everyone needs to reflect upon – understand myself, create the energy and then share it to those around me. I love this proverb “Dig the well before you are thirsty” so much wisdom. When the down times in life come, and they tend to do so at the most unexpected times, it is reassuring to have a bit of wisdom and energy stashed away to deal with such moments more wisely. Taking the time to reflect on life, my situation and what I need to tweak to keep the energy up is something I rely upon, and those periods of time when I forget – is when I get hit by a wave and feel overwhelmed. Great post. Wishing you a great weekend ahead Karen.

    1. Thankyou Randall. We do need extra energy stored within for those unexpected waves in life. Often we are not ready and this creates a longer recovery. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and week ahead too. 🙏🏻

  5. Have had a crazy week where my energy levels were lost. i realised I had not been doing yoga or meditation for a few days. Aha! When I start my day with yoga I feel better in body and mind. Thanks for the reminder Karen. Hope all is well with you.

    1. Yes I can’t live without my practice! It is a gift so I can always be prepared. We just sold out house so we are now looking for the next beautiful home. Just downsizing a bit. I’m loving this beautiful weather. Keep focusing on love and new energy my friend 🙏🏻💕

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