Active Acceptance

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Patience is not passive waiting.  Patience is active acceptance of the process required to obtain your goals and dreams.   Ray Davis

I was watching a food documentary the other day.  It showed the processing time it takes to create beautiful food. What stood out in the documentary was understanding the long journey of a cocoa bean and the time it takes to become chocolate.

Cocoa trees begin to bear fruit when they are three to four years old. Only a small proportion of the flowers develop into fruit over a period of about five months. The trees are carefully pruned so that pods can be more easily harvested.

Each tree yields 20-30 pods per year and besides taking four years to produce fruit on the tree, it then takes the whole year’s crop from one tree to make 450gms of Chocolate!

As I watched the process from bean to the chocolate we buy, it reminded me yet again, that working through the journey of challenges and goals in life, always takes time, and requires patient acceptance if we are to get the results we want.

We all know how good quality chocolate tastes, so next time we feel impatient for our goals or our dreams to manifest, remember there is always a process and a journey. Accepting this each day, we learn to create beautiful results.

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31 thoughts on “Active Acceptance

  1. Wow – amazing Karen, I did not know that! 450 grams of chocolate every year and that, only after the first 4 years.

    It’s funny, I’m patient about some things and so impatient about other things. ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Love the quote. And since I’m a gardener with all sorts of interesting trees that aren’t grown on the mainland US, I well understand patience. I remember when I was about 8 years old and my dad was planting a tree. I asked him how soon I could climb it. When he told me probably 16-18 yrs of age, I became depressed (haha -not clinically, but momentarily). I couldn’t wait for anything back then! Now to wait 3-4 years for fruit seems easy. There’s so much other stuff distracting me in this 1/2 acre yard! Aloha.

    1. Great example Bela. It does take time to see the fruit and blessings from our work and effort. Your home sounds beautiful and I think the more time we spend in nature, understanding how it grows and lives in our world, the more we understand how to grow and live in our world. Thank-you for sharing 💕🙏🏻💕

    1. I agree Irene. Often we don’t know why we are waiting and more often don’t want to wait, but there is always a good reason and understanding this does make it easier. 💚💕

  3. Wow…
    A tree’s whole year crop for 450g.
    That ought to make one appreciate every tiny bite.
    Patience is something I started to practice very late in life. Baby steps.

  4. I love the analogy Karen. 🎈
    I will also commit to enjoy every morsel of chocolate and make it an exercise in mindful gratitude next time it crosses my lips.

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