Choose Consciously

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“What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am.  Who am I then? The one who sees that.”  – Eckhart Tolle

I often listen to Sadhguru, he is a Yogi, mystic and visionary.   Here’s my thoughts on Conscious Choosing.

My experience in life is constantly being generated from within.  What I generate within, reflects in my world.  When I am generating unconscious thoughts, beliefs and fears, they become a magnet to the outside world and head my way.

When I am not consciously choosing, I end up allowing someone else to choose. Meaning, I only feel happy when others make me happy, or when things go my way; or I become upset and unhappy when someone does something to me, or when I do not receive what I want.

We all have a vivid sense of memory and a vivid sense of imagination, but if I stay stuck in the memories of my past, in my grief and pain, or stay trapped in my fear of the future, I will suffer.

When I consciously practice choosing which thoughts I listen to and which thoughts I let go of, I become the observer of my life and expand.  When I expand, I learn to see a deeper, clearer version of myself and the truth.

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek.”  Joseph Campbell.

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44 thoughts on “Choose Consciously

      1. Really! I would love to see him. I am in Australia, just a few miles away ha! but when I came to London a few years back I absolutely loved it. 🙏🏻

      2. awwww haha so sorry I didn’t know you were from Australia! Though I am glad you met him last time! ❤

  1. When not consciously choosing we attract whatever comes to our thoughts. I truly believe it works that way – seen enough evidence 🙂 Love this post, including the quotes!

    1. If you Google Sadhguru it will come up with all his utube talks and yoga posts and I’m not sure if he has written a book. He always inspires me and has a lot of wisdom. Have a great day! 😎

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