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To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. – Joseph Pearce



Each of us is uniquely creative!  The benefits of tapping into this gift is up to us and creativity shows itself in a wide range of activities.

The only mistake we can make when it comes to creativity, is to think that we don’t have any.

When I discovered I loved writing, it opened up a whole new world for me and inspired me to expand my life in many directions.

Creativity can help us build better relationships too.  Imagining how things look through another person’s eyes can enhance our empathy and understanding.  Deciding to try a different way of responding to those around us when someone irritates or annoys us, is a creative way to avoid difficulties. Seeing a way through a difficult time also takes creativity.

Studies of people who practice creativity found that they stayed healthier longer and enjoyed health more, had fewer visits to health care providers, used fewer medications, were more outgoing, had higher moral, and were more socially active, less lonely, and more optimistic. It makes us more resilient, helping us live more vividly in the moment, and, at the same time, more connected to the world.

Sounds like a good reason to be creative today!

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29 thoughts on “Be Creative

  1. I too enjoyed the research findings, Karen. Lovely post. I saw a quote the other day. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.” Art is knowing which ones to keep. “

  2. This reminded me of something.
    6 years ago I worked in a jewelry boutique for a wonderful designer.
    All his pieces were one of a kind. Hardly ever made 2 of the same piece.
    We had a regular customer. She was there for her doctors appointment in the same building every Thursday, then she came down to the lobby for the jewelry.
    She once asked me if I was the artist.
    I said “No!”
    “I’m not an artist in any way.”

    She was an elegant older woman.
    She smiled and leaned over, held my hand in hers and said…
    “You are an artist, you are the best at …..”
    she leaned over the counter and whispered the rest in my ears.

    And I always remind myself of her words.
    I saw her briefly every Thursday. How did she know?
    Lesson learned for me was, we create every minute of our lives.
    We do, but sometimes we don’t know it.

    Beautiful past Karen.

    1. Beautiful comment Sawsan! Now I want to know what she whispered to you. 💚 She is a wise woman and it’s true, we are creating each moment, good or bad; once we discover that power, we can move this energy in any direction we like. 💗

      1. I’ll post about what she whispered to me.
        I’ve been thinking about it for sometime. I actually told this story more than once this past week. Someone is telling me something.

  3. The creativity also helps me get through some tough times Karen. I might try a different approach to some issues my son is having at the moment. The transition to high school leaves a trail of stress and challenging behaviours. Each day when I choose creativity it helps me to get back up again when I fail. We would be less than human without it. Have a wonderful day.

    1. A great example of real life creativity. This is really where creativity counts and learning to shift our feelings around difficult situations. Your artwork is also a beautiful expression of this gift Kath. Have a great day too. ☀️😎

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