Be You

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If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.  Rumi

A group of children were asked, “What do you have to do to get into Heaven?”  One child answered, “You have to serve the church.”  Another called out, “You have to give away half your money.”  And the last child answered, “You have to die in order to get to heaven.”

I love the simple message in this story.  I grew up always believing I had to be someone or do something, in order to be loved or rewarded.  Nathan’s death made me question every one of these beliefs and I realized in my grief, that I knew nothing about living authentically.

It takes courage to live authentically, it is difficult to let go of all the beliefs and the obligations we have been taught.  We are all different and beautifully unique, and we all lose when we live in someone else’s shadow, or under a belief that is not true for us.

I feel more freedom now than I ever have before, simply by being me and by letting go of everything else.

The little boy is right.  All we have to do, in order to experience heaven, is to die.  Die to all the beliefs that keep us small.

28 thoughts on “Be You

  1. Karen, what beautiful heartfelt sharing. Thank you. Yesterday was our anniversary, and these words mean a lot. Thinking of how brave you are to share them and all you have learned from your sweet little boy, Nathan.

    1. Thinking of you as another anniversary passes. We face many challenges through loss, but when I see the freedom in others as they emerge beyond their pain, it is really beautiful. Just like you 💚

  2. Your life journey has been such a challenging one Karen and yet you inspire us always. Out of the depth of your loss you try to teach us how to see our own path of authenticity and I will be forever grateful that you had the courage to write your book to help others too. Thank you for always being your beautiful authentic self.

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