Our Strength Within

The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you. – Unknown

A young man decided to reach for his dream, but he didn’t have enough strength to do it. So he turned to his mother.
“Mother, please help me!”
“Son, I would be happy to help you, but I don’t have it. Everything I have, I have already given to you.”

He asked a wise man.
“Master,  where can I find strength?”
“It is said that it is on Mt Everest, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything there except the snowy winds and when I returned, my time was irretrievably lost.”

He asked a Hermit.
“Holy Father, where do I find the strength to realize my dream?”
“In your prayers, my son. If your dream is false, you will understand it and find peace in your prayers.”

The young man had asked everyone, but the only result in his search was confusion.
“Why are you so confused son?” asked an old man passing by.
“I have a dream, good man, but I don’t know where to find strength for its realization. I have asked everyone, but no one could help me.”
” No one?” said the old man.  Did you ask yourself?”


Searching outside myself for answers always leads me away from discovering the truth; that I have everything I need within.  It is only when I trust this knowledge and practice it, that I find all the love, patience, peace and strength I need to see me through every experience.

55 thoughts on “Our Strength Within

    1. It can be difficult to trust this understanding when we feel vulnerable and weak. Stillness and meditation always remind me it is there to receive. Thankyou for your wisdom.

  1. On some occasions I am profoundly aware that everything I seek is here, within. Because there is only “in here” and no “out there”. This awareness brings such peace and empowerment.

    1. I think we all need guidance to be reminded of this power within and to manifest the life we wish for! And yes, part of that is definitely asking for support when we need it. Sometimes nurturing for me is just making time for stillness more often, so I receive this power and new energy. Thanks Kristine. 🙂

      1. I agree. Still on this allows me to refill my tanks. Sounds like it does the same for you. It is hard to fit in during the hustle and bustle of our daily lives but so is sensual.

    2. You are very busy in your life Kristine and making a regular commitment to this stillness seems almost impossible some days, but that choice you make in the “impossible moment” is exactly where you find everything you need. Trust in that commitment, it has never let me down. 🙂

  2. Yes, for me too. Making the time for stillness and Nature time. I find inner strength there.
    Thanks Karen.

  3. Nobody else can truly tell you the right answer. You are your great adviser. You can listen to all suggestions, wise words, or guidance. But in the end, the answer is really deep inside of you.

  4. A lovely parable Karen, and I often think it such a shame that many of those who would seek to put the world to rights have yet to know themselves and truly understand their motivations. I am a strong advocate of putting one’s own house in order before attempting to do the same for others.

    1. I think it is one of the benefits of aging, as long as we have been practising this over many years. Some as they age, become more stuck in their thought patterns and belief systems and it can be hard to change that. Thankyou Jennifer.

  5. Hi Karen,

    A lovely story and I think an important one. Life seems to be this movement towards inner knowing and reliance. As noted above, we are not islands and always need help sometimes, but I think that is different from discovering we can trust the wisdom within us– that we can trust it will be there for us when we most need it…


    1. Exactly Michael. An example of this was when I was grieving. I had people supporting me on every level, but no one could heal my pain and loss. Seeking this wisdom and understanding within me, I was guided, and over time I learned to trust, I knew the way. It is there when we need it. Thankyou, nice to have you here.

  6. Such a perfect ending. This tale could also be considered an allegory all teens should hear! Thank you, Karen for reminding we have the strength needed to pull from within ourselves. I think the only time I would truly almost “give up” to the gulf of grief would be to lose one of my grown children or worse still, one of my precious grandies.

    1. I know you think that situation would make you give up, but it wouldn’t. I never knew I had strength until our son died. When I searched for it within, I found a way through. It is within us all no matter what we experience. Thankyou.

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