Expanding our Energy

You cannot put a big load in a small bag,
nor can you with a short rope,
draw water from a deep well.

Chuang Tzue Stories

I have had one of those weeks where I convinced myself that I had replaced and rejuvenated my energy sufficiently, and that the stress I was holding was not affecting me.

Rule no. 1 –  Never believe what my mind is telling me!

Rule no.2 –  Don’t ignore the signs that my body is showing me.  I know when my body needs to rejuvenate, but often I just push that little bit more, only to find I have to spend double the time re-balancing my energy.  The energy I give out to others and any stress I am holding, needs to be released and replaced.

Rule no. 3.  Quality, not quantity.   Often I limit how much energy I receive in my meditation, much like filling my petrol tank a little each time, only to realize it doesn’t keep me going for long.  When I take the time to really connect and let go in my practice of stillness, I expand and receive the vast energy of the universe.

Rule no.4.  Don’t forget the rules!  My health and my vibration is always calmer and clearer when I take the time to nurture my needs and my energy.

52 thoughts on “Expanding our Energy

  1. Great post. I often forget to slow down and need to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to always doing something. One of the reasons I like yoga so much is that it forces me to calm down, in some ways like meditation does.
    Have a clear and calm day. 🙂

  2. Great rules, Karen. I used to bulldoze through times when I knew I needed rejuvenation and restoration, and really paid for it. I have learned to follow all those rules. Although sometimes, if I’m feeling blue or blah, it’s hard to do the things I know help. It’s hard to make myself meditate, which helps 100% of the time. Thank you Karen. Wise words as usual.

    1. It’s funny I never find it difficult to meditate but I do hold onto stress. I’m completing my book at the moment and I have really had to detach from all my busyness about it, and from seeking self approval. This book has created a huge learning curve about myself. Thankyou as always Mary. Much love.

      1. Really?! I can’t wait to read it! What’s it called? I find it difficult to meditate because of body issues. If I do it laying down it’s great. Sometimes I fall asleep, but that’s ok too. I have a movement disorder. It pulls my head back and never lets up. The muscles don’t get the message from the brain to let go. It’s very hard on my posture, so I can’t sit unless the back rest is really good. But I love different meditations. Tai chi is really great. I do better moving, so mindful walking, and hiking.Sitting against a rock, then moving, then sitting,then walking.

        Everyone who I know who has written books or part of books all say that, myself included. The process of it is as important as the publishing.

        I wish you all the best in getting it out there. I’m very sure it will be chock full of wisdom that will touch many people. Is it about mindfulness, meditation, grief, gratitude and presence? Those are words that come to me about you.

        With love,

    2. PS. I like what Hariod said. You don’t have a like button for peoples comments here.

      1. My book is called “Courage” It is a memoir about my journey through grief after the death of our son. It has lot’s of mindfulness and meditation techniques in this book so you are right. I launch the book and my website around March 16th, so it’s not far! Your movement disorder sounds difficult to live with, and it is very understandable that you struggle with sitting and meditation. You always inspire me Mary, no matter what you have been given or experienced, you have moved through it and worked with the pain. You are a wonderful example of hope for those who think they cannot survive deep wounding. Thankyou for your kind words and support.

        Okay about the “like” button. I don’t know how to put it on my comment page? Can you let me know. Thankyou. 🙂

      2. Haha! I wish I knew. Several people don’t have them. Someone else helped me set up my blog initially but I am no longer in touch with her, Somebody has to know. Cuz a lot of people have them.

      3. I never published anything. One was a children’s book – for ages 7-10 ish. I started and didn’t back up my computer, so it disappeared when the machine crashed. I just couldn’t try to write it again. That was several years ago. I also wrote one about taking care of my brother through his illness and death and then bereavement. I share it with some people who are going through a death, but I never published it.

        Do we get Courage through you or a store? There should be some kind of blogging party for all those who have survived publishing a book! I don’t know what that would look like. Maybe we read and do book reviews or something.

      4. I know your writing would be written from your beautiful heartspace. The story about your first book is hard! I would have cried! You should look at publishing your story about your brother, it would absolutely be a gift to many. I am working on my website and so you will be able to buy it on Amazon or get an E-Book. I will have everything ready to go soon. I will be having a party at my launch to celebrate that journey and I wish all my beautiful bloggers could be there for a hug. Anyone can write a review on my website when it is up and running. I would love to know what you think. Thankyou.

      5. I’m definitely getting one as soon as it hits amazon! I wish I could be there for your launch party! I hope everything goes smoothly with ease and grace, Karen.

  3. Very good wisdom. Like the story of old. Young man carrying a heavy load up a hill and a old man asked him. Do you need everything in the backpack. The young man said he didn’t need everything he carried. The old man told him. Life is left effort if we lose the things we do not need to carry no-more. The young man listen and lessen his load. Climbed the hills without effort. Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts.

  4. Oh, this hits me. As my thyroid rebels either from age (not buying that theory), diet, sitting too much due to work . . . I need to fit me back in again. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. It is killing us, I agree. We store this stress throughout our entire DNA and it is never positive energy. My body always shows me when to slow down and release, I am very grateful to know how. Thankyou.

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