Empty Spaces

We shape into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.  – Tao Saying

Over the years we fill our minds with beliefs from the experiences we have in life. These experiences can sometimes leave empty spaces within us.  They may be empty from rejection, hurt, unworthiness, anger, fear or grief.

Over time, if I do not face these empty spaces and fill them with love, acceptance and healing, I am much more likely to have others reveal this wounded space. For example, if I have a belief I am not good enough, I may find I attract people in that remind me I still believe this.  I may find myself in situations that set me up for failure or repeat yet again, I am not worthy.  It doesn’t matter how much I tell myself this is not so, or that I am worthy, if I haven’t filled this space with healing and acceptance, I will continue to be shown.

It can take time for these patterns and beliefs to change within me but once I heal these spaces, the universe will reflect this back to me.  Keeping full means taking time daily to rejuvenate, listen and nurture my needs.

A Meditation

I sit in stillness outside or in a quiet room

I take some deep breaths in, I feel myself letting go and relaxing into this moment

Where is this empty space within me?  When did it begin?

Do I need to forgive myself or others, what belief can I finally let go of?

I breathe out what no longer serves me

Can I allow this space to be filled with love, healing and peace?

I imagine and feel this space within, being filled with love, energy, light and peace.

I breathe it in deeply, I deserve to feel full.

I allow myself to rest in this moment of fullness.


30 thoughts on “Empty Spaces

  1. Hello! A friend of mine recently went through a period of great transformation. She opened up to her artistic side and used the space she suddenly found in her life to live out of her newly found creativity. One thing she told me was that she became aware that she needed to be happy, and to have that happiness, she needed the courage to ask for it. One of the results of this was that creativity blossomed in her. Another result was that she needed to let go of negative people in her life. She let go of people dragging her down, despite years of knowing each other. Those people, according to her, could not get her anymore and could not accept her new, happy, self. Is this part of what you are suggesting with this post? To have the courage to see where we are, decide to be happy and let go of negativities, even in the form of people around us? Ciao!!!!

    1. Ciao! A great example of how we can transform our lives. When we fill these spaces within us with love, creativity and peace, we send out a higher vibration and everyone around us feels this. Some will find this uncomfortable and you are right, sometimes we need to let go of this negativity to grow. It does take courage, and I am very happy that your friend found that within her. Grazie.:)

  2. Karen,
    Insightful and valuable post.
    As a Catholic Christian, I am beginning the forty day observance of Lent. It is a time marked with prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Your post applies well. For the purpose of Lent is to become closer to Christ. And in that to be become better people. We are as the pottery in the image. We must remove some of the harmful habits that distance us from Christ. The best way to empty ourselves of vices is to crowd them out with virtues.

    1. “Crowd them with virtues!” Love that Alan. It is very true and when we feel full of these virtues we do not have to seek it outside ourselves. I wish you peace through Lent. 🙂

  3. I love how you said the bowel needs to be filled with love and self acceptance. If we don’t heal those old beliefs, they keep showing up. Thank you Karen. Great words of wisdom.

  4. Haha! Did I really say bowel? Well, you did say pot. 🙂 Obviously meant bowl. Sorry.

  5. Karen I really love this meditation and will give it a try, my challenges with my son’s autism is one I need to accept and let go. Some days are really hard. I try to fill myself up with love and acceptance. My lesson in life is definitely patience. I have a long way to go with that one.

  6. The Dao has so many great quotes ~ and you have taken this saying and have given them great meaning and great importance “these empty spaces and fill them with love, acceptance and healing,” so we can fill these spaces and move forward in life, making it easier to find our happiness. 🙂

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