Price Tags

The problem with price tags is that we start to lose connection with the priceless. We start to lose connection with our intrinsic motivation. –   Nipun Mehta

Are we motivated by love or money?

A story by Nipun Mehta

There is a story on Wall street where a man was running a venture fund. They had a great year, and his boss called him in to congratulate him and offered the proverbial blank check, “What would you like?” He looks his boss in the eye and says, “What I’d love is a minute of silence before all our group meetings.”

Wow. The boss is thinking, “In a context where people are billing every three minutes, a minute of silence to do nothing? That’s like wasting time.” He refuses. “No. Anything else?” he asks. No. After sleeping on it, though, the boss comes back to say, “Look, if you really want that minute of silence, fine, I’ll give it to you.” They began every meeting with a minute of silence. That minute turned into two to three to five minutes. Today, they do thirty minutes once a week, and even have their own meditation bell.

What was this guy thinking? On one side, he could have asked for a monetary raise, but on the other side was very different kind of capital — mental quiet, connection, trust. He is thinking, “I don’t want to meet people in a space of rush. I’d rather meet them with a bit more peace.” It changed his relationship to himself, it changed his relationship to other people and certainly with his boss. And it didn’t just stop there. It changed how everyone related to each other. It changed the whole culture of their office space. And that was something he valued more than the financial capital.

Sometimes our thoughts and actions of generosity, can create ripple effects that can change our world. How can we re-define what is means to have capital? How can we diversify our portfolio of wealth?

Interestingly, I have found in my own life, the more I live from a generous heart, the more abundantly my wealth seems to grow.

When we do that, when we really start saying yes to that idea, we are essentially saying, “It’s no longer about the CEO, it’s about the everyday Joe. It’s no longer about fundraising, it’s about friend-raising. It’s no longer about price tags, it’s about the priceless.”

32 thoughts on “Price Tags

  1. Well said, Karen. Sometimes the greatest gifts are received through silence, meditation, spiritual prayer and a willingness to permit mindful vision. These pathways provide channels for personal growth and greater self awareness. This new process reveals opportunities for happiness so many seek.

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely…. I attended a meditation session a few nights ago and found it delightful. The quiet time induced such feelings of peace and tranquility. I was astounded…

  3. I love that – friend raising instead of fundraising. 🙂 You are someone I think of who has a very generous heart, Karen. Thank you for your heartfelt inspirations here.

  4. Great story to show a valuable lesson Karen. I request 2 minutes in silence before coaching calls and meetings. It just makes the time when I’m “working” so much more focused and relaxed for everyone.
    And yes – we do yoga stretches if we have been sitting too long in an intense meeting 😉
    Most people open up to meditation and yoga when they experience it for themselves. Otherwise their thinking and opinions get in the way.

    1. I agree, the mind is always our obstacle, so when we focus and practice stillness, it does create a beautiful space for us. You are wise Val, those around you feel this.

  5. Quiet may help people “center” their thoughts and possibly help grow more passionate towards their co-workers. The “ripple effect” spreads the caring into their workdays. Great and interesting post, Karen. Smiles, Robin

  6. I think you make a good point Robin and I believe it really makes a difference in the workplace. It can start with just one minute and then increase over time. Thankyou. 🙂

  7. Karen I agree with you if you live with compassion and a bit of love for your fellow man good things come. I have never been good with money. Getting off the subject a little……Even uncomfortable with pricing my art. I now create art for the gallery by what I feel I need to paint or sketch. I learned quickly that if I paint something by trying to paint whats popular its never as good. If I paint and follow my heart the work is better somehow. Life is one big opportunity if we listen to that inner voice and just go with the flow.

    1. Believing in our self-worth is what many of us struggle with Kath and early in my Counselling practice I found it hard to charge clients. Over time I understood that abundance is a state of mind, not my bank balance. When I truly believed I had everything I needed and believed I deserved that, I allowed more abundance in and continue to receive this on many levels. Painting from your heart will always attract the right vibration in. 🙂

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