Love Thyself

The truth of my experience is that we are all a lot more alike, than we are different. – Ann Lamott

If I asked you to name all the things that you really love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

I saw this question on instagram the other day and it struck me, where on the list would I place myself.  As the years go by, I am much more appreciative of who I am and yet, I still struggle with deep love and acceptance of myself.

Loving myself is not just liking what I see, but rather an acceptance of everything that I am.  It is to accept the reality I have been given, to accept the shadow and the light in my life.  The good, and the bad. It’s finding time for me and remembering to nurture myself.

When we can look into our own hearts and find this love, then we learn to see it in each other more clearly.  We begin to see the challenges we all face each day, and overtime, this helps us treat each other more gently and with more patience and tolerance.

I think we are more alike than we like to admit.  I think we all have similar fears and insecurities, but most of all I think we all want to be loved and accepted.  To feel this, to really receive this, it must begin within us.

31 thoughts on “Love Thyself

  1. A lovely reminder for the day… To love Self first is my own no 1 rule where the rest of life flows forth… It is great the we like alike and inspire others to follow suit… barbara

  2. It’s interesting that many of the comments refer to the need to love oneself, but no one responded by saying that they do. We seem to view it more as a concept than a reality. We speak of it logically but remain emotionally detached from the sentiment. Do we fear the emotion and self expression? How much love can we emote to others if we can’t elicit the emotion within ourselves. This is a powerful article that needs to stir real emotions in the reader. Walking away from this article stating, “it was interesting” exemplifies how separated we are from our emotions. I encourage EVERYONE to understand the importance of self love and begin practicing it in a real tangible way. BTW- this article reinforced my sense of self love as well as the love (and other emotions) I feel for those close to my heart. Thank you for bringing this out.

    1. I think we love ourselves on different levels. Some deeply, and some are unable to connect to this love. Either way, one of our responsibilities in life is to work on healing the wounds that disconnect us, and keep us from the natural source of love within us all . Each time we do this for ourselves, we help each other connect back to the source of love. I am glad this post reinforced the source within.

  3. I’ve been striving to attain this same “deep love and acceptance of myself”. It’s usually a goal instead of my current reality. But it seems so much more difficult when I’m enmeshed in the net of thoughts and emotional responses that I’ve chosen. When I confuse these with my Self, I struggle just like a bug caught in a net. But when I am able to remember that I’m the light and not the net, then I’m filled with gratitude for all these opportunities, which are the net. Easy to say, hard to do. The more I loosen my grip on the net, the less likely I am to believe that it’s me. This is today’s exercise (as it was yesterday’s).

    1. Thankyou so much for sharing MK. You are not alone with these thoughts. “I am the light, not the net” These words are so true and when we can change our perspective in every situation in life, and remember we are love, we are light, we find the source of love again. It is an exercise we all need to do each day.

  4. I think in general I love myself and accept me unconditionally, but depending on my mood, I can catch myself telling me how stupid I am for having said or done something. It creeps in. That’s why, for me I need to be vigilant of the inner critic daily. I love Anne Lamott. Have you read one of her first – Hard Laughter? That book really helped me keep a sense of humor when my brother was dying. Thanks for a loving and wise reminder, Karen.

    1. You describe exactly how we can feel about ourselves and I agree, it is a daily discipline of stillness for me to remember the truth. I haven’t read that book Mary, but I will check it out, I think she is wonderful. Thankyou for being here.

  5. I love this post Karen. I am reluctant and a bit embarrassed to say publicly that I do love myself, yet now I do. And it takes a lot of inner work. For those who have difficulty and are still judging themselves this may be perceived as self centered and phony… The ego is a powerful adversary to loving the way we truly are. Yet when we see through its power, love is available to us all.

    1. I am so glad you love yourself fully Val. (and yes, I agree it takes a great deal of inner work) Shout it out to the rooftops, because it is exactly what we need to hear. Good point about our ego too, we are love and it is available at any moment.

  6. I’m still on the way and work with this daily. It is hard work. I found my self respect years ago, which lead to self love.
    We need to love ourselves to be able to love others yes, but I don’t find that the emotion for self love to be static. Great article Karen 😉

  7. Karen wow, what a question i did not think about myself on that list either, maybe it has something to do with being a mum and putting everyone before us? But from now on i will give myself a higher place on that list. Thank you.

    1. Each time I put myself higher on the list Kath, I have more energy and gratitude for those around me and for that reason, it is definitely worth the effort. I agree, it is a Mum thing! 🙂

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