Small Gestures

“It is a serious thing, just to be alive on this fresh morning, in this broken world.” ~ Mary Oliver

Years ago, I sat down for lunch, next to a young villager in India, I asked this young man about his work. He smiled and said, “Well, it’s hard to describe. It’s a bit like the sparrow in that fable. As the story goes, the sky is falling down and all the creatures are fleeing. The sparrow thinks to itself, ‘I want to help. But what can I do? I’m just a sparrow.’ Then, the sparrow has a flash of brilliance – it lies on its back and points its two feet towards the sky. ‘What are you doing, Little Sparrow?’ others ask. ‘Well, I’ve heard the sky is falling, and so I’m doing my little bit to hold it up.'” After a pause, my new friend adds, “That’s what I try to do too each day.”    –       by Nipun Mehta

I think we forget the huge impact that small gestures create in our broken world.  To remember that we are all connected, and when we live and act with kindness, miracles can happen. Mother Teresa called humility the “mother of all virtues” and reminded us, “We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”

Each and every morning is another opportunity to start again, and to create a better world with our attitude and our actions.  That anyone can find greatness in giving, no matter how small. We know then that our job is simply to be like the sparrow, and do our little bit to hold up the sky.

53 thoughts on “Small Gestures

    1. Speading Happiness each day, what a nice thought Mary. I didn’t take that beautiful shot, and I will add in that source. I am in Australia, and yes it is Monday. Thankyou.

  1. The tiniest gesture is never lost, Karen…not anymore. I admit that years ago I may have missed them or not used them…but now I know how important a gentle smile can be! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!! ❤

  2. If we just took a moment to think how some small act might help another, maybe our purpose and meaning in life could find new direction. Thank you for a wonderful story.

  3. Imagine how the world will change when every one of us whatever we can to create a better world! Like you’ve been doing here, Karen. Thanks for this and all your posts.

  4. This is so lovely, Karen. One never knows what (seemingly) small gesture may make all the difference to another. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and generosity in this little corner of the world. You are appreciated….

  5. Reblogged this on Find Your Middle Ground and commented:
    This post from Karen over at Healing your Grief has really stayed with me for the last day or so.
    Many of us think that we have to build bigger and better, take actions that move mountains, be faster to get to where we want to go, and strive hard in order to have an impact.
    Doing small things with great love is what we can all aspire to do.

  6. Lovely post. I found it from Val at Find Your Middle Ground, I guess it was a small gesture of hers that led me here. Thanks for the great reminder about humility and small gestures. 🙂

  7. So love this one, my father was like the sparrow he was active in his own small way helping others. At the end of his life I tried to make sense of why he had to leave and what had he left us. It was simple when we found a suitcase full of thank you’s from his community (he had kept every card). He had left his love for us and a reminder to help our fellow man in some small way. That is his legacy. Thanks for the reminder today Karen.

    1. What a beautiful story Kath. You really have known loss deeply in your life. This made me cry. Your Dad was a sparrow of love, leaving us with a giant reminder to be kind to each other. Thankyou lovely friend.

  8. Beautiful post. Especially for people who are trying to find their way. Very often when one tries to find its way to help the world, or to do something meaningful, the mind gets in the way starting a small theatre of fears, hopes, and delusions. As you said, to focus on small things with love, that’s the way! 🙂

    1. So true. This is exactly what we often do, and this can lead us to give up before we have even begun! Small gestures, small steps, they still get us to the top of the mountain. Thankyou for stopping by.

  9. This is a wonderful reminder to me to take each day as a new day for doing some good, showing some kindness. The smallest of kind gestures is bigger and better than no gesture at all.
    Thanks for this post.

  10. I had not heard this story before. Along with the quotes and your commentary, I am reminded not to feel overwhelmed by my inability to change so much that is wrong in the world. I can simply do what I can, and recognize others doing good work, too.

    1. Well said JoAnne, that is exactly how we should live in our world. Our small parts, along with others, make up the whole picture, and this is how we can create change. Thankyou for your comment.

  11. Many of your posts bring tears to my eyes for the sheer truth of them. They make me think, they inspire me and they soothe me. This one did all three. ♥

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