Self-compassion is approaching ourselves, our inner experience with spaciousness, with the quality of allowing which has a quality of gentleness. Instead of our usual tendency to want to get over something, to fix it, to make it go away, the path of compassion is totally different. Compassion allows.”   Robert Gonzales

I am getting better at nurturing my needs and accepting myself.  Each time I allow love and compassion for myself, it expands into every part of my life.  Each time I allow for rest, to let go, or rejuvenate, it creates space for me to give back to others.

Write down a list of things you “don’t” do for yourself.

Ask yourself why?  Why do you feel you do not deserve this? How does this affect your relationships and work?

Now write down what you do need, and work out how you can make time for self-compassion.

As you write down this list, make it practical and achievable.

Practice making time for yourself regularly.  A regular massage or facial, or just spending time in nature, can help us unwind and help us listen to our needs.

When I don’t nurture myself, everyone around me feels the effects. When I don’t listen to what I need, I cannot nurture or care for others.

Envelop you mind, body and spirit with compassion.  If we don’t, nobody else will either.

36 thoughts on “Self-Compassion

  1. So true, but often for women so difficult to do as we have a tendency to put others first, always. I appreciate your words, and I too am learning this is key to life, mine and those around me! Thanks for sharing your wise words.

  2. It’s fascinating to me, how in the end, it is all about self-compassion and nurturing the self. Without this, there really isn’t anything else. With this, everything else is possible. Great post.

  3. Good post, Karen.
    If we have no compassion for ourselves it is difficult to have it for others.

    We often get great thoughts from the most unlikely places. The movie, “The Nutty Professor,” starring Jerry Lewis, is about a nurdy college professor who seeks to become the opposite through an experimental drug he makes; a play on Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. In the end his drug fails at the worst possible time, as he transforms back to the nerd from his cool guy alter-ego in front of the public. His line to the crowd is a most profound moral for a comedy: “You might as well like yourself, because you have to live with you for the rest of your life.”

  4. Good points, Karen. When I don’t take time out to walk and be in nature, my mood tanks. It really makes sense to take good care of ourselves. As the saying goes, ” Take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others.” ❤

    1. Me too, Eliza. I gotta get out in nature every day, or I feel my mood slipping. When I have to be in hustle and bustle, Nature Always clears me of the chaotic energy I can easlily pick up. It always puts me back in a place of gratitude.

  5. I have been meaning to comment on this post for a while, Karen. Just been busy. I love this. Self Compassion is something Iam sooooo big on. And compassionate sef forgiveness. I tend to use a lot of these concepts in my therapy practice, as well as with myself .”Envelop your mind, body and spirit with compassion. If we don’t, nobody else will either.” I love that phrase, Karen. I really believe that when we are compassionate with self, it sends healing energy into the world. Often, we need to be compassionate with the inner little one. Can you imagine the world full of people who do this? Actually, I can imagine it…and I try to every day… visualize it. Thank you for this beautiful post.

    1. So true Mary. I too, can imagine a world like this, because I have seen the difference it makes in my own life. It is our inner child that needs this nurturing. When we feel this deeply, we naturally want to share this with others. Thankyou for taking the time to share and for your kind words.

  6. I thought I already love myself. 😀 But it seems like if I were to write the things I should do for myself, it’d be terribly long. 🙂 Love sure is a lot of work. Ahihihi 😀

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