Leaders in Life

“Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.”    Ralph Charell

I have just finished reading “The leader who had no title” by Robin Sharma.


It is a modern fable on real success in business and in life.  Robin shares that regardless of what we do in life or our current circumstances, the single most important fact is that we have the power to show leadership anywhere we are planted.  This book encourages us to claim this immense power within and helps show us how we can change our circumstances by the way we think, act and speak with others.

This paragraph below really spoke to me and it has definitely worked for me over the years.

“Give away that which you most wish to receive” That’s one of the most valuable points I can give you.  If you want more support, give more support.  If you want more appreciation, give away more appreciation.  If you want more respect, you need to be giving respect first.  And then it will come back to you in a river.”

Of course the irony is we never feel like doing this when we are feeling deprived or rejected and yet, when we step up and make the effort and give freely with good intentions, we will never be disappointed.

Victims recite problems.  Leaders present solutions.

“Dream big and start small. That’s the key.  And start now, exactly where you are.  Small steps over-time, generate big results.”

You will feel motivated by his story.  He touches on tragedy and how we can overcome our pain and still move forward into a successful abundant life.

Everyone of us has an opportunity each day to make a difference.  Our choices and the disciplines we practice regularly, are crucial in creating a life that fulfills us and connects us to expand and grow.



18 thoughts on “Leaders in Life

  1. Oh Karen I love that paragraph and the less we think about ourselves and help someone else, we forget about our own troubles. Thanks great post after a few hectic days where everything went off the track in little ways, but when you get a few happening at the same time it does rattle you. So I am choosing to ignore my muddled up weekend and start with a fresh attitude to positive moments.

    1. It’s always a balance isn’t it? Nurturing ourselves but also stepping out beyond our own needs. A few hectic days does unbalance us still, you have a great attitude and each day can bring a different perspective to every circumstance! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

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