Let go, Expand, Grow

Vastness of sea photo-1

“I adore the ocean and its vastness, as if it is trying to teach me something, as if it is trying to teach me to remain calm whatever the situation maybe. The ocean teaches us lessons that books or school never can.”  – Mehek Bassi

I have just had a beautiful weekend at the beach with my family (pictured above) and as I was looking with awe into the depth and vastness of the sea, these questions came to mind.

“Where in my life am I limiting this vastness?”

“How can I expand my potential and my beliefs beyond my understanding of life now?”

“Where in my life can I let go of my doubt, fear or stubbornness, that prevents me from making  space for this vastness?”

“How can I invite this expansion in, flowing with it, into the unknown, knowing there is no end?”

The ocean for me is full of mystery and holds many lessons for us.  In questioning my limitations, I find there is room for expansion and in that expansion I learn more, and understand more, only to realise, I know nothing.

“Each person is a vast territory of undiscovered mystery as nebulous and uncharted as the deepest oceans and expanses of space.”  – Bryant McGill

big vastnessphoto-2

Let go, Expand, GROW……

23 thoughts on “Let go, Expand, Grow

  1. Wow! This beach looks so beautiful, I’m glad you can enjoy such beautiful places with your family, how lucky you are 🙂 and I like your questions… I think the last quote is a wonderful answer! Thank you! Have a nice week dear Karen ♥

    1. Thanks Frederic, it is divine and I am very grateful to share in this beauty. Have a lovely Sunday as well.

  2. Water is very healing – I love the feeling of expansiveness, possibility and the unknown that the ocean conjures for me too. Such nice post to read this morning thanks Karen!

  3. The ocean is expansive and boundless and full of mystery ..
    Like life itself. When we are by it we come to life 🙂
    It’s been a dream of mine to live on the ocean and not just to be a visitor!
    Val x

    1. I agree Val, I come to life when I am near it too. Keep holding that beautiful dream, I think everyone has the same one.

    1. It is such a healing place to be. We are very lucky to be in Australia with such beautiful beaches. Thanks Kath.

  4. Beautiful post and sentiment… Awesome questions and an amazing place to inspire them. I would love to know if you found the answers to them? 🙂 I thought I was going to have a nice day of just being and now I have been inspired to ask and answer some very good questions. Wish I had a beach near by.. Guess it’s off to the creek. 🙂 Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and the inspiration!

    1. The creek is just as good Joe, as long as its in nature, you will find the answers. What I did answer is that I continue to limit the vastness in which I can live and expand my thoughts, so I will continue to be conscious of this and keep moving forward! Thankyou

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