Nugan (Little Boy)

As a teacher, my younger sister has nurtured and taught Aboriginal children and teenagers for many years.  It can be an emotional job at times, as these children often come from difficult and deprived backgrounds. 

Overtime, she has learnt that not everyone can move on from their pain and sadly, she has lost some boys along the way and from suicide.  Her resilience and love for this job is unchanging and inspired me to write a poem.

 NUGAN (Little Boy)

 Walk with me on this journey we are on

Include me in your dreams,

Believe in me when no-one else will,

Dance with me when I achieve all that is possible

Guide me back on the path when I stray

Love me when no-one else can,

And if I turn my back on the sun,

Let me go……

Walk with me on this journey we are on.

10 thoughts on “Nugan (Little Boy)

  1. Thanks Kath, she has made a difference in many lives and they look to her as one of their own. Although very sad for her at times, this is her passion and her gift to them.

  2. Thankyou MK, that means a lot. All the Indigenous cultures have so much to teach us.

    This poem came to me one night just after my sister had been having a really hard time with one of her boys. She has loved them like her own children and some of their stories are very heartfelt. We all have a gift to share with each other and when we find what our passion is, then we realise that it’s not work at all.

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