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All behavior is driven by belief, so before we address how to learn, we must first address the underlying beliefs we hold about what is possible.”
Jim Kwik, Limitless



We all know the saying, ‘What we focus on becomes our reality.’

So here’s an example; the state I live in has a population of 5 million.  And today the media told us we have one new case of COVID-19 and altogether, we have 25 active cases across the state.

And so, I have a choice, to focus on the 25 cases of COVID , or the 4,999,975 cases that don’t have COVID.  It’s up to me.

But more importantly, what am I focusing on unconsciously?  I may be aware of the thoughts I have daily, but what are the hidden thoughts that I am living out day after day?

Thoughts of scarcity, limitations, fear, of not being good enough, or not being able to see my immense potential in the world.

Our beliefs have great power over us, but more so, when we are not aware of them within us.

However, to discover what these unconscious beliefs are, we just have to see what is being reflected in our outside world.  What stories, or what experiences are presenting in my world? 

Are these experiences, always heavy, fearful or dark?  Then that is what I see in me also.

Am I seeing the expansiveness and infinite possibilities of the world?  Then that is what I see in me also.

What helped me and continues to guide me, is a daily practice, sitting in expansive light energy.  And that is in nature.

Just being in the expansive light energy of nature, I see what I believe is not expansive or light in me.

Just being in the stillness of nature, I feel what is not still in me.

Just being in the truth of nature, I see what is untrue in me.

Nature is a beautiful training ground to expand our focus and to reveal what we need to release.


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17 thoughts on “Focus

  1. She is a beautiful, serene and a ‘nature’ of energy that we should spend lots of time in dear lady. Thank you for guiding us to a natural domain for us all to learn from 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏼 🦋

  2. Can’t tell you how much I needed to hear this today, Karen! I have been struggling with all the darkness and negativity swirling around these days, trying to focus on the positive and the many blessings I know I know I’ve been given. Spent all day outside yesterday, and the sun and birdsong really lifted my heart. Even heard my owl in the early morning hours…💕

      1. My higher conscious is the watcher of my thoughts and mind. And the more I sit in oneness, the more the thoughts of my past have no power over my choices. Who is watching your mind Gretchen? 🥰💕

  3. Karen,
    What a great quote. You have shared this beautifully. Thank you so much.
    “Our beliefs have great power over us, but more so, when we are not aware of them within us.” This is such a valuable concept. I, like you, continue to explore what I don’t know or have yet to see about myself.
    Take care,

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