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What have I eaten?

Lies and smiles.

Sylvia Plath



We grow empty from giving and giving. 

We grow weary from telling ourselves we don’t need to receive, or that we are never vulnerable.  We become tired from the fake smiles and positive attitudes while the heaviness grows within. 

So why is it so hard to receive? 

The ancient Greeks had a structure they called the ‘Temenos.’ It was a four walled enclosure without a roof.  The warriors would come in from the battlefield and remove their armour.  The men would lie on their backs and open their hearts to the sky and receive what they needed.

How beautiful is that vision?

How these men allowed themselves to rejuvenate, to open and receive.

I have a practice to do this every day because like me, most of us are programmed to soldier on, keep it together and be strong.

I don’t buy into this anymore.

It’s a time to receive.  A time to put down our armour.

To be with ourselves and acknowledge what we need.

Stay with this deep calling.  Long enough to learn what it wants to teach you.

Long enough for your heart to open.

To Listen,

And Receive.

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28 thoughts on “Receive

  1. Love this idea, Karen. Like Beth, I have been soaking up nature, but in an active way. Think a bit more repose in nature might be called for right now as well. Thank you for planting the seed…

  2. I so needed this today :-). Thank you. I’m trying to fill my tanks, as I’m not very good about doing that sometimes. I hope you are doing the same :-).

    1. I am always re-learning this again and again Kristine. It’s a practice for sure but I am definitely feeling the results of receiving 🥰💕💚

  3. What an inspiring story. I really like the visual of laying down to open up to receiving. This is an intention I want to explore further. I would like to hear more about this journey in future posts.
    Thank you so much Karen.

    1. Thank you Ali. I just returned from the bushland near me where I laid down and just allowed myself to receive. It doesn’t always feels easy to do, but today I embraced it all. Happy to share more on this topic. 🥰💕

  4. This reminds me of one of your long ago posts about grounding. I’m also reminded of savasana…a wonderful pose of rest…heart open. Put those two together and…wow.

    1. Exactly Carrie! It keeps us balanced and full, so that giving and loving moves freely within and out to others! Happy receiving 🥰💕💚

  5. Wise words, Karen. I’m better than I used to be at recognizing when I need to take a break and nurture myself. The one thing I really miss are hugs from friends and relatives. That one is hard!

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