Be a Wakeful Candle

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“A single candle has the power to light up a room,
a single star has the power to light up the sky,
and a single soul has the power to light up the world.”
Matshona Dhliwayo



Rumi says in his poem “Search the Darkness”, “Don’t go back to sleep, but rather be a wakeful candle, because if we don’t, we will slip into the dirt like quick silver.”

Powerful words to consider as we face ourselves and each other right now.

Right now I am watching myself in the reflection of everything and everyone around me.

What is arising outside of me?  Am I facing fear?  Anger?  Kindness?  Generosity?

Whatever is arising around me, I am spending time reflecting on this in me.  It’s not always a shadow self.  You may be seeing all the beauty, the slowing down, the space, and the peace in the world.

Or you may be seeing all the pain, the death, the fear and the separation.

Nothing that you are seeing or feeling is wrong.  But it is important to reflect on this within ourselves.

I am a reflection of you and you of me.  And so, if you are showing me your beauty and laughter right now, that means there is beauty and laughter in me.

And if you are showing me your fear, your pain and your anger right now, then this is also in me.

It’s a powerful time to stop and feel.  Pause and heal deeply. 

We will never be this slow again, and so take the time and the opportunity to shift what we no longer need.

There is no separation.

22 thoughts on “Be a Wakeful Candle

  1. Beautiful words Karen and it is interesting to see the stars awakening. There may be many who are finding this isolation in their world difficult, but I bet there will be many that will find it difficult to go back into this world when it is all over.
    And I mean they will look forward to mingling again, but they will be so different, and the old world will just not be the same again.
    And as you have said, that inner candle will have a new light to reflect out into the world 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    1. Beautifully said Mark. That is the gift right now for each of us. I don’t think we will be the same again and I look forward to seeing these new lights expanding in our world. 💕🌈

  2. Powerful, yet quiet words. And so true!

    We will never be this slow again, and so take the time and the opportunity to shift what we no longer need. – YES – For me even more true as we’ve been moving from a large house to a much, much smaller (yet still generous) rental appartment….. We already brought two carloads full of ‘stuff’ we treasured but didn’t NEED to the local charity shop, before the life we knew stopped to a grinding halt. We now have at least another car load stocked in our cellar, waiting for the store to open again….. And we still have more ‘stuff’ than place to store it…. It DOES indeed change your perspective. And it showed us just HOW spoilt we were. Plus, it’s (in a harsh and somewhat hurtful way) also liberating. Having less is having more…. I think you know what I mean!

    1. Yes great example Kiki. Moving house isn’t easy but the change creates new space in our lives and an opportunity to see how much we do have! I hope your new home brings you lots of happiness and gratitude! Stay well 💚😘💕

  3. Karen, I have always appreciated your posts so very much. Now, more than ever, you offer solace as we navigate these uncertain and necessarily slow times. My hope is that we will, collectively, remember what is essential and then move forward from that remembering, in a thoughtful, deliberately slow and wakeful, mindful way.

    1. Yes that’s it Carrie, “To Remember what is essential” in ourselves and others. This can only seen and felt through slowing down and in stillness. Thank you for your kind thoughts and actions 🌈💕💚

  4. Dearest Karen, Like Carrie, I always appreciate your posts, but particularly so now. The importance of treasuring this slowness and savoring the things that it allows—rather than fixating on the things it prevents—is my ongoing challenge. Thank you for this valuable perspective…💕

    1. ‘Treasuring the slowness’ is a beautiful way of putting it Lori. And we are all navigating our way through to learn from this precious gift. Once we learn this deeply, we will create a new future. Thank you for your part in creating this too 💚💕🌈

  5. Indeed, this is truly an opportunity to do deeper work. I like your suggestion of using the energy around us as a reflection of that which is within.
    _/\_ ❤

    1. So true Eliza. If we are not sure what work we need to shift in ourselves right now, then just look at your partner, the TV, your friends, our children, our world. I’m confident you will see it if you look deeply enough ha! Happy inner shifting Eliza 👏💚💕

  6. Hi Karen,
    I’ve been growing with all the shadows and the light. I can’t say I’ve spent more time in one or the other side of the spectrum, but I think it’s a continuum; and I am content at the moment. All of life is a meditation, and it always has been. It’s just surprising to find the world collectively in this field of growing awareness; and yet, it also isn’t so surprising at the same time…

    1. I think it’s comforting we are all here together. For so long the spiritual life has been avoided or ignored by busyness and distraction of life, and so I’m secretly happy it’s here for us all and of course an opportunity to go inward and learn deeply. So glad you are doing it so beautifully too Ka. 🙏🏻🌈💚

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