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“Like the bud of a flower, change forces us to surrender to growth.

It makes us vulnerable.

It requires us to enlarge, expand and become bigger.

Like the oxygen provided with each breath, we are denied its benefits until we relax and breathe in.”

Stella Payton



The indigenous Grandmothers and the Lore Keepers around the world have a message for us.

Mother Earth and the universe is expanding its consciousness; and in order for us to expand with her, we have to confront what is blocking us.

Close your eyes and visualize what happens when anything expands.  We see it grow.  We see clearly what is within us through this expansion.  This is what is happening right now.

The Grandmothers are encouraging us, to let go of the old stories we are holding and are asking we practice expanding into our higher-self and a new story for the future.

The old story of stubbornness.  Of feeling responsible for everyone.  Of Apathy.  Of victim hood. Of pain. Of attachment. Of guilt. Of unworthiness.

No matter what it is for each of us.  We are all seeing and feeling this more deeply.

Notice within where we are resisting this expansion.  Where we might believe we are not worthy of receiving this expansion.

Be with it all. 

See it, feel it.

Sit quietly with Mother Earth as much as you can, so you can understand this deeply.

Take the time, while we can, to expand.

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