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“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” —William Faulkner



What is freedom?

Kahlil Gibran says that we are only free when we cease to speak of freedom as a goal or a fulfillment, or when our days are without a care or our nights without a want or a grief.

Anyone got that happening yet?

“I will be free when…..”  When is when?  I have said this as often as the next person and yet, what I continue to learn over and over, is that there is no when.

And I continue to discover, that no matter where I am; no matter how I feel; there is freedom here, in all it’s fullness.

Rumi says, “Why do we stay in prison when the door is wide open?”  Good question! 

I have stayed in prison many times, simply because I have believed in my stories, my obligations and old beliefs, which keep me stuck and from seeing the immense freedom in front of me.

So if it’s all in my mind, then why don’t I just stop telling myself stories that are not true?  Well, I wish it was that easy.

William Faulkner says, we must practice freedom and that means daily.

My time in stillness is the only place I find my stories and my old beliefs.  My practice of just being where I am, is the only place I see the prison I have created, and day by day, I learn to walk towards my freedom, only to realize; it’s been here waiting for me all along.


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26 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I always remember my life before, all done through the prism of my fears. They are held like a prison cell in all we do. Reaching through those bars to do everything with all those restrictions that they bring.
    But once those fears are removed, the change was like night and day. I no longer ‘needed’ anything. I no longer ‘looked’ for anything…I just accepted. And in that acceptance is that glorious freedom, no longer distorted by my fear.
    We think we are free, unbalanced as we are, but the very thing that binds us will show us an inner beauty like never before and truly set us free 😀
    Very well written post dear lady, from the soul of one who has faced those bars and stepped beyond ❤️

  2. A beautiful post. We often create our own identity based on these stories we tell ourselves. Without these stories and lifelong beliefs we don’t even know who we are anymore. Once I was baby-sitting a six years old girl. She was telling me a story which involved a very complicated plot of many kings and many queens….I was quickly losing track. It sounded like a mix of Indian mythology and some intense bollywood drama. I mean that little girl was literally flying with it. When I asked her where did she learn this story, she told me in a confident voice “Oh, I know it by myself.” Your post reminded me of that child…. we are not so different from her 🙂

    1. A beautiful example Piro. 👏💕 We create the most amazing stories in our mind, and over time they become our truth. I must say though in this case, maybe this little girl was speaking of a past life!? 🤔

  3. Such an important topic 🙂
    We are so talented to keep ourselves inside a mentally jail, Karen.
    It demands lots of courage to break free of that jail and for some people, it seems more safe just to stay there and don’t try to move, which I find sad.

    1. I agree Irene, over time it does feel easier to just give up and stay where we are. But once we taste the joy of our freedom, we wonder why we ever wasted a moment in the prison!! Keep flying free Irene 🦋

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