Fake News

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Everything must be taught, including compassion.  Yeonmi Park



Yeonmi Park gives a powerful and moving talk on her life in North Korea.

She highlights the wisdom and understanding she has learned since she planned her escape with her sister at thirteen years.

She reveals the brainwashing she experienced as a child and how that affected her choices along the way.

“If you have never been told critical thinking, then you simply see what you are told to see.”

She is often asked why is there no revolution or fighting for rights in North Korea?

She says, “If you don’t know your a slave, if you don’t know you are isolated, starving, or oppressed, then why would you fight to be free?”

A wonderful insight into our own world, where we often assume or believe that others know what to do, or that others will simply change because we think they should.

She tells us how it only took three generations to make North Korea into George Orwell’s 1984.  A scary thought for us all.

Our freedom lies in questioning what we see, what we hear, and what we have learned growing up, and creating deep changes to live in our truth.

For when we take responsibility to see our own brainwashing, our own illusion of life, we start to co-create with the truth.  We start to open up to wisdom and the reality of what is; and in doing so, we allow allow others to learn from it and this gives everyone an opportunity to live in freedom.

Yeonmi Park thank you, for your courage, your beautiful wisdom and your choice to question the truth.



27 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. The most powerful line, which is also true in other forms in our own country: “If you don’t know your a slave, if you don’t know you are isolated, starving, or oppressed, then why would you fight to be free?”

  2. What an important message for ALL of us, all over the world. You are right, this is in our backyards. Her experience is a clarion call to all of us about our own lives, our own experiences, our own beliefs and the definition of freedom/love/life….which are the same. Very powerful, Karen. Thank you. 🙏🏻💕

  3. Karen, a big thank you for sharing Yeonmi Park’s powerful and moving talk on her life in North Korea. “Freedom is fragile,” she says. It took only three generations of brainwashing to enslave them! We in the West have been brainwashed into becoming mere consumers to fill the pockets of the minority power elite.

  4. Thank you for this post. And for the bravery of this young woman. I must say I was a bit shocked at some of the comments I read as I researched her… Questioning her story, questioning her. As if there was any doubt about the situation in North Korea… I have lived under dictatorship. Fortunately we were not directly affected, but friends of ours were. And curiously it’s always the same people who question the survivors. They never seem to question the dictators…
    So, again, thank you for your post.

    1. Yes so true and I am also amazed they would question this emotional story. She is an inspiration to many who feel helpless. Thank you for your comment. 🌈🙏🏻

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