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I heard someone say the other day wouldn’t it be good if we had background music in our life just like a movie.  Because that way we could be aware of what was coming up in the next moment and according to the music, it could lead us into making the right decisions and finding the best outcomes.

For example after a night out, we are heading back to our car and suddenly we hear dark, suspenseful music around us, letting us know its not safe and we should stay where we are.

Or after we are given a new job offer, there is suddenly joyful, light and exciting music, encouraging us it is the right job for us.

Or we are swimming in the sea and suddenly the jaws music comes on and we know instantly its time to get out of the water!!!

Well okay, maybe its a bit far fetched, but what I have learned over many years, is to listen deeply to my intuition music within.

It’s that gut feeling, our inner knowing or just that shift in our energy all of a sudden, that allows us to move in a direction that feels right or avoids what feels wrong.

So how do we get good at it?

Slow down.

Practice listening.

Practice understanding what your intuition feels like. 

Learn to step out in courage, not knowing, but acting on it and discovering when it’s right or wrong.

It’s the best music you will ever discover, because it’s your unique song and our intuition only wants to lead us to happiness!


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27 thoughts on “Music Within

  1. Then the music I hear from your posts Karen sound wonderful, an angelic chorus for the heart. For which I thank you kind lady, for sharing the sound of that heartfelt truth ❀️

  2. A lovely note to read this morning karen… yes I hear the music you describe so well… gave me a giggle🀭 To turn in our ears is the greatest gift we can give ourselves❀️ much love, Barbara x

  3. Great post, Karen. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, a seemingly random song is playing in my mind. I’ve learned to be attentive to the message contained in the lyrics. If I’m unsure of all of the lyrics, perhaps because it is a song from long ago, I look up the lyrics. If a particular song remains for days, I will contemplate the lyrics…and consider writing them down as a way of discerning the core message…for me. Thank you for this post…reminding me to continue to listen deeply. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•

  4. Forgot to mention that – of course – we also share a love for Einstein. I lived – for a while (far too short) nearby the Einstein museum and although I ‘knew’ him already before, I was so impressed with whatever else I learned there – doesn’t he have some of the world-best quotes too?! πŸ™‚

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