Find The Gaps

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Go inside where silence is.  Stay there.  Let words bubble up.

Maxime Lagace



Pema Chodron encourages us to look and feel for the gaps in life.

The gap at the end of our breath; the space between our thoughts; the naturally occurring pause after a sudden shock, unexpected noise, or moment of awe. 

Trungpa Rinpoche advises that intentionally creating these gaps in our day, by pausing to look at the sky, or stopping to be still and listen intently, or refraining from saying what you think just before you say it, is called, “poking holes in the clouds.”

These fleeting moments of no-big-deal, no internal conversations, no judgment or strong opinions of righteousness, are simple, and yet so powerful.

It’s a conscious decision to pause in between the busyness, day after day.

And the more we practice this simple yet beautiful intent, the more we feel the gaps and the spaces grow within us.

Over time this leaves us feeling spacious and gives us a whole lot more room for love, abundance and joy!

25 thoughts on “Find The Gaps

  1. Important post, Karen 🙂
    When I walk outside, I try to find the beauty, where ever I go. In the mornings it can be the birds singing, the cats on their way home from night party. Later a beautiful flower or tree etc. I find, it is often the small things, as make my soul mostly happy.

  2. Very nice

    Gaps or pauses can be seen in our breath

    The pauses between inhales and exhales are the gaps than can expand

    The body seems to always be in motion

    While we inhale the lungs expand to take in air ( oxygen)
    Then release the expended oxygen with the exhale.

    An actual sound can be heard as air passes through our nostrils

    The pauses (gaps) are like suspended animation

    The body is at rest, not moving

    These gaps can be the door to enter below the ego

    It is where our award prescience can be felt

  3. Karen, I love the post. Regarding the exercise you speak of the word “prudence” comes to mind. In those pauses is set up the best experience to follow. So it is in our dealings with others. For if we pause before thought is put into word or action, then it can be determined if what we are about to impart will result in, as you end your post, love, abundance and joy!

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