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“When you meet obstacles with gratitude, your perception starts to shift, resistance loses its power and grace finds a home within you.” Oprah Winfrey



They say that in the middle of any difficulty, lies an opportunity to grow or change direction.

Obstacles stop us short, when we least expect it; and although it can be very painful and overwhelming, it gives us an opportunity to pause, re-set, and to see our life from a different perspective.

So next time you feel stuck or trapped inside an obstacle, try to see it through the eyes of Eagle.

With new clarity, clear vision and from a higher perspective, and from there; be guided to see a new pathway that can lead us out and back into life.



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28 thoughts on “Obstacles

  1. Wonderful post, Karen. I have had multiples of these periods this year. A Zen saying was shared which also gave me perspective when I couldn’t seem to find any! “There are no obstacles in the path. The obstacles are the path.” It helped after I allowed the words to get in. The eagle perspective is a great tool!!

    1. I love that Zen saying too Carrie. If anything, I would say, “Our thoughts and beliefs are the only obstacles!” There is always something to learn. Thanks Carrie 💚💕

  2. Sometimes when I feel stuck or trapped where I don’t want to be, I try a running commentary inside my head. I silently describe to myself the situation and my reactions, and my anxiety and my fear, anger, pain everything. This helps me dissociate myself, or a part of myself from the person who is feeling those emotions. I find this shift of perception immensely helpful. Even if I am not always able to find a solution or a way out, at least I remain calm and centered.

    Beautiful post, as always. 💙

    1. It really makes a difference when we can step back and create a new perspective, just like you describe! The more creative we are, the better! Thank you for sharing. 💚💕

    1. Ha! You are gorgeous Kristine 💕 We all face these annoying obstacles in life, but they are so much smaller from up here with Eagle. Keep rising above them my friend ✈️✈️

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