Focus on Feeling it

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When we are feeling physical pain, heaviness or grief in our bodies, our first reaction is to avoid and numb it.  We do this to protect ourselves and to survive.  This is a normal reaction to trauma and pain, however, what if we knew that when we shut down these feelings, we actually shut down any opportunity to release and heal them and as a consequence, we shut down allowing joy, abundance and good health to return.

It’s easier said than done.  However, what I have found really helps me, is to focus.

I focus on the feelings in my body, and not in my mind.  The mind will keep me in a story about the pain.

When I wake up and practice my yoga and meditation, I focus on how my body is feeling.  Is there a disturbance in me, a contraction, a heaviness?  If so, “Where in my body is this?” and that’s where I allow my focus to go.  It might be in my stomach, my heart, or my leg etc.

Once I know where it is, I breathe into this area of my body like I am blowing up a balloon, gently and slowly.  I imagine I am expanding this area in my body.  Keep going until you feel some shift and a lighter sense of space in this area.  When you feel this space, now imagine you are bringing in light and healing to this area.  Practice every day.

When we focus on what our bodies are telling us and create space within, it opens up space around us and we receive what we need.

“There is no such thing as having achieved your fullest potential.  As a human being, we are a limitless possibility.” – Sadhguru

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22 thoughts on “Focus on Feeling it

  1. That’s a lot to take in, in a few words well said. I know about the ‘breathing in, holding, breathing out’ but my mind is a fickle thing and always wants to do things on its own. And, as HH says: Tout est dans la tête – it’s all in your mind. What you do with it, it’s your head/mind/ but also your heart/soul who make it to What it Is!

    1. I have discovered Kiki that if I ask “why” I go straight into my mind and always get lost in a story there. But when I say “where” I find a place to work with and from there I usually find my answers! Keep practising! Thank you for sharing 💕🌈

  2. This is such good advice–advice I don’t take often enough. I feel emotions physically quite a bit–and need to remember to release them so they don’t sit. Thank you for another good reminder and post!

    1. Any trauma or stress we can’t integrate or release, gets trapped as energy in our body. Unfortunately, this can manifest over time as cancer, auto-immune diseases or just fatigue. There are no guarantees in life, but I’m with you Kristine, I’m releasing it when I can and not let it sit in my body! 😉

  3. So true! And I really like this line: The mind will keep me in a story about the pain.
    I have done that far too many times. I’ve gotten so much better at getting out of my mind and trying to pay attention to my body instead.
    Thank you.

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