The Power to Choose

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“Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”   Victor Frankl


All of us at some point in our lives have said to ourselves or others, ‘I can’t.’  So try an experiment with me. Say ‘I can’t’ three times to yourself.  How does that feel?

Now say to yourself three times.  ‘I won’t.’  How does that feel?

Can you feel the difference?  ‘I can’t’ feels weak and hopeless, whereas ‘I won’t‘ feels defiant and strong.  The power of our thoughts and words have an enormous effect on the way we live and how we succeed through life.  When we say ‘I can’t’ we really are saying ‘I won’t’ and when we take responsibility for that, we will understand that the power and strength behind the words, ‘I won’t’ can easily be shifted into the power and strength of  ‘I CAN!’

Try it next time you want to achieve an important goal in life or work through a difficult time.  Remember we always have the power to choose what we think and what we say, and there lies our growth and our freedom.


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25 thoughts on “The Power to Choose

  1. This is so true Karen! I have discovered the power of thoughts and words and try to live in awareness of that…of course still failing miserably at times. Great reminder ❤

  2. After doing what you recommended, the difference between I can’t and I won’t is clarity. When I have clarity on what I really want and have confidence, I won’t comes out of my mouth. Nice! Thank you!

  3. Well put Karen, we are kindred in our approach to life as we all learn to be more than we are, and Henry Ford is a good example of one who achieved great things because he always saw room for improvement and would not let ‘can’t’ into his vocabulary, pushing the boundaries past the failures and short comings of those he dealt with, to ensure he achieved his dream. I love what you do in your posts and apologise for not visiting your site more often, as we are counselors at heart.

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