Beyond the Hurt

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There are far better things ahead, than any we leave behind.  C S Lewis


I no longer want to be resilient.  I don’t want to simply bounce back from things that hurt me or cause me pain.  Bouncing back means returning to where I stood before.  Instead, I want to go beyond the hurts and the darkness.  The first step towards genuine healing, is to trust and believe there is a beyond.  To reach beyond every day, every encounter, in every circumstance.  I seek to go where I have never traveled.  I wake with the vision of a purposeful day, filled with adventures and teachings.  Then I take the first step and try to make it beyond.

Richard Wagamese

Society teaches us to move on quickly from our pain and our loss; to get on with it, to get over it, and teaches us to use distractions and busyness, to avoid our feelings.

But when I trust there is a ‘beyond,’ a ‘beyond’ where I can feel safe again; I learn to gently step into my fears, my pain, and my loss; and in this space, I discover, I do not fall apart, I do not die, but instead, I find courage, strength, meaning and the freedom to live fully in this moment.

23 thoughts on “Beyond the Hurt

  1. Everybody’s timing is different. During the thick of it, it is hard to believe there is a beyond. But I think, even when you don’t believe it in your small “s” self, trust and grace step in, and the Higher Self can imagine a beyond. It’s true, there is sort of a stigma attached to being in one’s grief longer than what society deems long enough. Gentleness with self comes in handy.

  2. It is true we cannot ignore and pretend things did not happen or they do or did not hurt us. When we have got deeply hurt, and gone through trauma all that pain takes root in our body, every cell every bone like weeds or parasites, absorbing our strength and stopping the ability to feel happy. We need to accept that we got hurt, if possible deal with those who were responsible (this is not always possible as those who hurt us very often are selfish and wont accept what they did was wrong) and love and care for ourselves, and let time heal gently. The pain can be massive and instant sometimes, but the healing is a slow process. The more we are kind and loving to ourselves the more we can heal. The society the outside world most of them do not know what is going on in people’s private lives. They will point the finger to the abused person itself sometimes, as those who do wrong are very often big pretenders. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂 ❤

  3. Many years ago I read the book ‘Transitions,’ by William Bridges, ( and I remember him talking about the importance of sitting with your discomfort, rather than rushing through to the next stage just to get *through* it. Made quite an impression on me, and I have always tried to remember that message in tough times. Sit with your pain/sorrow/disappointment — acknowledge it and process it — you’ll be the better for it in the long run. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Karen!

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