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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. – Mary Angelou


Mohini was a magnificent white tiger that lived in the US’s National Zoo in Washington DC in the 1960s.

Mohini was a special gift presented to the US president Eisenhower, and the US people.

Mohini was kept in a 12 x 12 feet cage with iron bars and cement floor for many years.

Mohini would pace around ceaselessly in this cage while her eventual home was being built.

Eventually the zoo decided to build a large enclosure  for the great tiger. The Zoo started a major project to build a large enclosure for Mohini, their star attraction. The enclosure would simulate Mohini’s natural habitat as closely as possible. It would have many acres of lush forest with rolling hills and a large pond. It would be Mohini playground for her to stretch and express her natural self as one of nature’s most splendid and powerful creatures.

This took many months.

Finally, the enclosure was completed and the big day of releasing Mohini into it had arrived. A large excited crowd had gathered to witness this much awaited event.

To everyone’s surprise, instead of frolicking in joy in her new sprawling enclosure, Mohini headed straight for a perimeter wall at the enclosure’s edge.

At the wall, Mohini started to pace around in an imaginary cage, just like the way she had while waiting for the enclosure to be built. Eventually she wore a path that resembled her original 12 X 12 perimeter.

Mohini stayed in this tiny corner at the wall for the remainder of her life, oblivious to the freedom and choices she had.

I have seen this story play out in my own life at times.  Wishing for things to change or be different, only to find when I arrived, I still had the same limiting beliefs within my mind.  When we free our limited perimeters of thought and belief, we release our fears and create unlimited space and expansive visions for our future.


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25 thoughts on “Free Your Mind

  1. Breathtaking story, Karen and so true analogy of our lives. We too are similar to this story. The day we realize our freedom we will break open this cage of ours and run wild in the picture below that is the way to freedom. Awesome post.

  2. Thats so heartbreaking for Mohini.
    Far Too long encased and imprisoned, fences may become as thick dense walls of unbreakable cement – Good point. we, must not wait so long

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