Open Yourself to Heal



Teachings come from everywhere when you open yourself up to them.  Open yourself to everything, and everything opens itself up to you.  – Richard Wagamese



A certain Rabbi was adored by the community; everyone was enchanted by what he said.

Except for Isaac, who never missed an opportunity to contradict the Rabbi’s interpretations and point out faults in his teachings.

The others were annoyed by Isaac, but could do nothing about it.

One day, Isaac died. During the funeral, the community noticed that the Rabbi was deeply upset.

“Why are you so sad?”  someone commented.  “Isaac was always criticizing everything you said!”

“I am not upset for my friend,” replied the Rabbi. “I am upset for my own self.”

“While everyone revered me, Isaac challenged me, and I was obliged to improve. Now he has gone, I am afraid I shall stop growing.”

Paul Coelho


Not everyone in our life is here to show us love and bring us peace.  We have all experienced a difficult relationship with a family member or within our friendship circles, and although we feel like ignoring them, or disconnecting from them, it’s important to open ourselves up to the lesson or the mirror that these people reveal in us.

No matter what our situation is, everyday we are making a conscious choice to ignore it, or open up to it.

The more open we are, the more everything in life opens up to us, and together we can heal.


22 thoughts on “Open Yourself to Heal

  1. What a great reminder Karen! It gives me pause and reminds me that people are my teachers. When we learn the lessons for ourselves we can connect with compassion and understanding. Thank you 💛🙏💛

    1. Yes that’s it. I think there is a belief that it’s easier to disconnect from these difficult lessons, but we disconnect from receiving the gift too and that’s what people forget. Thankyou Val 💕💚

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