Growing from our wounds

Image result for pictures of earth worms cut in two


The cut worm forgives the plow – William Blake


The worm is one of the only creatures that grows from being cut.  Mysteriously, if you cut a worm in two, each cut becomes whole, and you have two worms.

What is it about the worm that allows it to grow from its pain? How might we translate that to being human? It maybe that the worm is constantly in touch with the earth.  In fact, it eats earth.  It lives humus, – soil, inside and out.

Mark Nepo


Perhaps when we have been wounded and hurt in life and feel like we have been cut in two, it’s an opportunity for us to rediscover a new potential in ourselves that we haven’t seen before.  It’s an opportunity in our pain, to let go of what we have always known and allow a new growth and new vision in our life.

Like the worm, keeping connected to the earth and grounded while we heal, helps us slow down and balanced throughout our healing. Like the worm, we can become whole again.


24 thoughts on “Growing from our wounds

    1. You will have to challenge Mark Nepo on those facts Bela. As for the metaphor I absolutely know it works, as that is how I healed after the death of my nine year old son.

  1. Yes. Great. Agree. Or:

    “I don’t hold on to anything anymore. Pain comes at me and I take it, chew it for a few minutes, and spit it back out. It’s just not my thing anymore.”

    – Dave Eggers

  2. I love the metaphor, Karen – factual or not. I firmly believe that with the right attitude we can and will grow from painful experiences ❤

  3. It is true in my life that the times of greatest pain yielded the greatest growth. It just seems to be the law of the land, even though I wish it wasn’t. It’s not fun being cut in half. 😉

  4. Karen, I saw the worm -oh dear.
    Ugh…… And my face wrinkled up! But, I read on. And learned.
    yes we can grow, be made whole, heal.
    but the crux of it is,
    what many people don’t want to hear or do, is the
    “be willing to Let it GO.”
    we have to come to the point, I think, where we decide, to draw the line. that the pain is no longer an acceptable way of Living any more. Then. We will DO what is required. and we will let the IT, go. Thank you Karen, for sharing the Worm… with us 🙂

    1. Ha yes the worm picture is awful. You are right, we do need to let go and I think people keep revisiting and holding onto their pain, because they are scared of their new potential or the Unknown path ahead. It is scary at times, but the freedom is so wonderful. Thankyou Debi for your comment 💕💚

  5. Being close to the earth has helped me heal emotionally. And now I don’t feel so bad about accidentally chopping worms when digging.

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