Start with yourself

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A moment of self compassion, can change our entire day.  A string of such moments, can change the course of your life.  C K Germer



I was inspired by this beautiful poem by Matisha.  Read each line slowly and absorb this truth.

Start with Yourself


Laugh when together in ways you will always remember, as you may, the ones with whom you have cried.

Love with a courageous heart that lives to express what’s inside.

Play with the abandon of a child, who not only is “in the moment” but “is” the moment.

Open in each day as the flowers open to receive all that is available.

Your receiving is up to you and comes with the power and abundance of your “Yes!”

In your mind it has been difficult, complex.  Let it be easy.  It is already simple. Love again and again with all your heart.  Loving is making room for the unloved, to move out of its frozen place.

Loving is allowing, so-called mistakes and holding attention on intention.

Loving results in feeling okay about asking for help.

Forgive with the same conviction and fullness which you may have resisted love.

Start with yourself.  You are at the top of the list.

Look  for and find many things to be grateful for each day.

Live as yourself, genuinely.

Matisha –

28 thoughts on “Start with yourself

  1. Love this, Karen. So many wise words in such a small space. 😊 I especially love “Open in each day as the flowers open to receive all that is available.” A great visual cue….

  2. Thank you Karen. What a beautiful thing to read the May Day morning! ❤

  3. This is truly a beautiful and encouraging message. Placing oneself at the top of the list …does not come naturally to many of us. Thank you, Karen ❤

  4. This is excellent! It is so important to understand your own potential and this exercise is something that we should probably do at least once in a day.

  5. Thank you, Karen! This is the piece I sometimes have difficulty remembering. I have missed being involved in WP…life has dealt a few cards that required my full attention. But I hope to be back a little more. Hope you are shining in light! ❤

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