The Mirror of Life

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“It is when you lose sight of yourself, that you lose your way. To keep your truth in sight you must keep yourself in sight and the world will reflect your image within; the world should be a mirror that you reflect upon.”  – C Joybell

We have just sold our home and are looking to buy again.  Some of the questions that come up for me are “What is the neighborhood like or, what is the energy like in the home or in the area? Will we make the right decision?

When I read this earlier today, I remembered. This new home will always be a reflection of my attitude and my energy within.  This new area will always be a reflection of what I create and react to in life.

“There was a person coming to a new village, relocating, and he was wondering if he would like it there, so he went to the zen master and asked; “Do you think I will like it in this village? Are the people nice?”

The master asked back; “How were the people in the town where you come from?” He replied, “They were nasty and greedy, they were angry and lived for cheating and stealing,” said the newcomer.

Those are exactly the type of people we have in this village, said the master.

Another newcomer to the village visited the master and asked the same question, to which the master asked; “How were the people in the town where you come from?”  He replied, “They were sweet and lived in harmony, they cared for one another and for the land, they respected each other and they were seekers of spirit,” he replied.

Those are exactly the type of people we have in this village, said the master.”

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30 thoughts on “The Mirror of Life

  1. I have always liked that parable. And yet, friend. You are sensitive to energy and your environment, no? As am I. I know, instinctually, if a house or an area will work for me. And you will too!

  2. Lovely post. Karen. Very timely for me as I look for a new home. I feel the energy of a city, community and house when I walk through it. Indeed this is my best guide. Wishing you the very best in this transition!

  3. wonderful finding a new place, Karen!
    could be nice to be in or visit a place
    long enough to experience
    what’s under the surface!
    wishing you joyful relocating 🙂

  4. True! You will know when you step into the house that will be your home, we sense the energy exchange, I believe 🙂

  5. I wish you the best in finding a home that supports your gifts and helps you fulfill your purpose, Karen. The gifts you offer others are truly important.

    Yet as I read this thought-provoking post, I thought of Jane Addams. She and those who joined her made a choice, too. Together they created Hull House in the late 1880s in a poor Chicago neighborhood filled with tenement buildings that housed newly arrived immigrants. It was her dream to help eliminate poverty. Ultimately, she and her colleagues didn’t succeed in that vision but the lives of millions of people were vastly improved by the things they did accomplish: reduced maternal and infant mortality, urban garbage removal, the enactment of child labor laws, separate facilities for juvenile corrections, worker protections, and much more.

    I have relied on others to choose my last 3 houses and ended up in working class neighborhoods that are much like society overall. They were peopled by those who are kind, those who are vulnerable but have valuable gifts to offer that are often unacknowledged, and some who need to bully others. Perhaps, like most people, I’m all of those things, too. I’m not like Jane Addams, but I am a teacher who tries to walk the talk, grateful to live among others who, like me, have things to teach and things to learn. It doesn’t always make life peaceful or easy, and like Addams, I’m not always successful in my attempts to create what I know could be, but there are many small gifts along the way.

    1. Thankyou Carol I appreciate your wonderful comment. Your work is very important and I think we are definitely called to live where we best serve ourselves and others. You are making a difference in the world and may you receive many blessings for it! 💕💚

      1. Well, we are negotiating on a house now. It will be a good feeling to finish up and know we can settle soon and move on!! Learning lots about patience and letting go right now. Have a great weekend. 💕

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