Expanses of Space

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“Birthing is never easy or without pain, be it change, a child, or a fresh start in life. Contraction precedes expansion. Darkness comes before dawn. Joy follows pain. This is the way of things.” – John Mark Green



This time of year when we all have long lists, jobs and festivities to attend, our mind can contract and we can forget to create expansion and space within.

When I open my mind and heart to the deepest oceans and expanses of space. I find peace and a place to rest my busy mind.


Expansive Meditation

Close you eyes.  Focus on your third eye between your brows.  Visualize either the vast ocean, the sky or outer space before you. Open your mind and travel into that spaciousness.  See yourself expand within that space, let yourself be taken as you move through its lightness.  Take some deep breaths in and out. Feel your body relax.  Repeat anytime during the festive season!

39 thoughts on “Expanses of Space

  1. absolutely true, in that lovely place of stillness we can be restored and recharged. equipped for the day. this is such a wonderful reminder for us. Take 5! or a few more 🙂 thanks, cheers Debi

  2. It amazes and delights me how just a few seconds of reading this meditation can make big difference. I imagine the ocean with the star filled sky above.

      1. Likewise dear Karen, I know if we lived close we would definitely grab a coffee and catch up in person. This year I am making a better effort to surround myself in positive souls, in friendships and online buddies like you.

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