All successful men and women are big dreamers.  They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, goal and purpose.  – Brian Tracy

During this busy time of year when we are connecting with friends and family, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the thought of socializing with people that we find difficult, or who have hurt us in the past.

I know this is a problem with families’ around the world and over many years, I have come up with a solution for festive events.


Before you go out to a function or Christmas get together, sit quietly in nature or in a quiet room.

Take some deep breaths in and out.  Feel stillness and peace within you.

Visualize your event.  If you are anxious about one particular person, then visualize him or her in front of you.

See the event or the person very clearly.  Now see light and love surrounding this person or event.  See happiness and laughter in the room and within every person.  Visualize bright light moving around the room, see how it spreads easily.

Hold this vision clearly in your mind.  Breathe it in and feel it within you, like it has already happened.

This meditation and visualization changes your vibration, and will be felt by everyone who is near you.  It is extremely powerful and can help change any environment.

We all hold the power to change how we see our life.  It just takes a bit of imagination and stillness!

Happy Festive Celebrations.

40 thoughts on “Visualization

  1. This really works!! Holidays are often so full of stress. It triggers so many childhood issues for many people. This really does change the vibration of the person doing it, and their experience is different because of it. Great post with good timing! Thanks Karen.

      1. Haha! Yes, a very cool party trick! You too, Karen may joy fill your events as well. ❤

  2. Metta – a wonderful orthodox Buddhist meditative visualisation along the lines you write of here Karen. Garnering the sincerity of feeling is the critical thing, and if accomplished, the results out in the world are truly remarkable.

    1. That will be a wonderful opportunity to try this meditation Emilie. If you need to forgive them again, then do, as that will help shift any heavy feelings too. It will take courage to face this person, but they can no longer take your power. Let us know how you go. Many blessings.

  3. Totally Karen! Walking into a situation like that with different expectations and a better attitude, makes a world of difference and everyone senses it from you. Great post! ❤
    Diana xo

  4. Great simple advice that can be done quickly and effectively. This approach can turn anticipated misery into an evening of peaceful interactions between friends or family. Thank you for sharing a tool that can help each of us achieve a better mental and emotional state.

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