The Law of Attraction

 I am the attractor of my every experience –  through my thoughts, not my actions.

How many times have we read and heard about the power of our thoughts?

Each time I read about this I get excited and say ‘YES’ I can do this! only to discover a few weeks down the track, my old beliefs seeping through again.

The answer for me is to be aware. To become conscious of every thought, and to continually let go of the negative.  Each time I tune into my natural vibration, which is abundant, healthy and positive, I naturally attract what I need.

‘Money and the law of attraction’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks, is a great book to remind us how powerful are thoughts are. Attraction responds to our vibrations and, in essence, organizes them, bringing things of like vibrations together while holding those not of like vibrations apart.

When we feel overwhelmed, circumstances and people who could help us cannot find us, nor can we find them. Even when we try hard to find them, we cannot.

When we feel mistreated— fairness cannot find us. Our perception of our mistreatment, and the subsequent vibration that we offer because of our perception, prevents anything fair from coming to us.

When we are buried in the disappointment or fear of not having the financial resources that we believe we need, the dollars—or the opportunities that would bring the dollars—continue to elude us . . . not because we are bad or unworthy, but because the Law of Attraction matches things that are ‘like’, not things that are ‘unlike.’

When we feel abundant, happy and energetic—only things like that can come to us. If we pay attention, it will teach us, through life experience, how our vibration works.

Become conscious of your thoughts coming in and going out. Start changing them to attract what you need. Practice. I will meet you there….

32 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction

  1. Our inner worlds certainly affect our outer world, but I’ve long been skeptical of any “law”, at least in terms of “attracting” every experience. Uncertainty coupled with consciousness seems to bring to me an acceptance of sorts.

    I do see the sense in what you’ve written today. We must be open to seeking and receiving through our thoughts, words, and actions.

    1. I appreciate your comment and thoughts eM. My experience through life has really strengthened my belief in this theory. When I have changed my thoughts, I have always changed my outcome. Attracting abundance seems easier now that I am more positive. It feels good too! Thankyou.

  2. Its more than our thinking or mindset, it’s at a vibrational level. I really believe that when we are tuned in we attract things at the same level.
    We are energetic beings in an energetic universe after all…
    Thanks Karen for this today!

  3. I need to focus on feeling energetic. I sit too much which means I don’t have enough energy which means I sit too much.
    Working on energetic first thing in the morning (had better sleep before I begin this!).

  4. Boy, did I need this reminder at this moment, Karen! I, too, have found the law of attraction to be incredibly powerful–when I stay ‘in the zone.” Oh so easy to slip into, “I can’t, it won’t, there’s no way that…” Got to stay conscious and believe!! Thank you!

  5. I like what is said here Karin and there is so much truth in it. Sadly there are those prosperity cults which take the truth of this and push it in to places of absurd selfishness.

  6. I think people get frustrated when they think about what they want and it doesn’t come. They think they have been visualizing and have failed, so they feel unworthy. It realy is about vibratory frequency, like you say. There has to be a knowing on all levels. Emotions and action play in. Gratitude for the beautiful life that I have, just brings more beauty. It is more a way of being, like you said. Energy is attracted to the same energy, like a magnet. I guess it is called a “law” because it is a law of physics. Thanks Karen.
    Oh, have you ever read “My stroke of insight. Can’t remember her name. It is a hyphenated last name, like Jill Bolte-? Anyway, she is a neuroscientist who had a stroke. Her left brain was effected, and she knew what was happening, but couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t understand words or know who people were, but she could feel and even see energy. There is a lot of wisdom about being responsible for your own energy and what you put out there. She could feel the energy of nurses who came in the room. She didn’t know who her mother was, but this nice lady (her mom) would come hold her everyday. Obviously she got better to write the book. It is short and fast moving and very interesting.

    1. Thankyou Mary. I haven’t read that book but it sounds amazing. How interesting that a neroscientist receives the gift of seeing and feeling energy! Our brains are complex organs with unlimited potential. I believe once we understand what needs to be shifted and healed within us, then we can attract more than we hoped for.

  7. I would agree with Don that many prosperity gurus make Law of Attraction sound like the latest pyramid scheme. I have been actively practicing LOA principles for more than eight years to stunning effects, but it wasn’t overnight. It wasn’t a genie in a bottle. Most importantly, it was never about ‘stuff’. As Val pointed out, it’s also not just about thoughts. It’s about how you feel. How aware you are of what is truly going on inside of you in each “now” moment? That awareness may be an awareness of feeling, but you are really noting your vibrational response to life events. No different than a tuning fork. When people tell me LOA is not real and doesn’t work for them, I ask deeper questions. Invariably, people have many conflicting belief systems all operating at the same time. “I want more money”, is surrounded by fearful thoughts of scarcity and lack. We have become so used to our own creepy stories of being unloved in so many ways that we hardly notice those thoughts. Most of us have no idea how strong a current is flowing around our self-limiting stories. You can’t buck the current of strong beliefs, as Abraham-Hicks would say, until you change those beliefs. If you want an abundant life it begins with an abundant inner world. A place where you are aware of the ways you cut yourself off, limit yourself, or block your own progress. Most of us have negative currents we aren’t acknowledging that are far stronger than our “happy thoughts”. LOA is as consistent as the sun. Whatever is appearing in your life is a direct match of what is going on inside of you. If you don’t like what you see outside, you need to dig deeper about what is truly going on inside. The problem isn’t LOA, it’s our awareness of how we feel, what we truly believe and how attentive we are to our own vibrational-response to life in this exact moment.

    There are many things that have appeared in my life on this journey: better health, finances, relationships and so on, but if you were to ask me today what LOA has really given me it would be a deep and profound sense of love. Love for myself. Appreciation for the smallest thing in my day. Love for people that are difficult to work with and gratitude for what they give me. Love for the missteps and calamities in my life, that has come to equal the delight in what is going well. Love. I have been given a clear understanding of how I am loved by spirit and how to love myself most exquisitely. Great piece, great discussion.

    1. Thankyou Noelle for taking the time to share your feelings about this subject. I agree with all you have said. It is our core belief. Each one of us has been given this by our parents and from those who came before us. Our choice as an adult is to shift and change these beliefs accordingly.

      Love is indeed our healing tool, along with patience and trust. ‘Love myself exquisitely’ how beautiful Noelle! I believe the universe responds exactly to our vibration, hence why we always must look within ourselves, to change and heal.

  8. I’ve practiced LOA for a few years and to me the most important personal learning has been that to attract we have to feel we already have it. In addition to allowing and watching the focus of our thoughts, the feeling aspect is really key…Amazing things have happened each time I’ve been able to FEEL them. It is not easy…

    1. So true. It is a very difficult to actually feel and believe we already have what we need and want. It’s our busy minds and beliefs that stop us from being ‘still’ in that feeling. Stillness has really helped me focus on that. I agree, it has worked miracles in my life too! I guess thats why we all get excited about LOA. It really does work……we just forget to tell you about the years of healing and re-wiring our minds ha! 🙂

  9. Wow I love this I am reading What you think is what you get!
    I’m happy to see someone else working in this! I just spoke with someone else that said something similar! It’s wonderful to read this!
    Thanks for liking my post! 💜

    1. Thanks Michelle, it seems that when we are focusing on something good, it somehows manifests outwardly too. Glad you stopped by. Keep drawing in the positive. 🙂

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