Quick Fix

A martial arts student went to his teacher and said earnestly, “I am devoted to studying your martial system. How long will it take me to master it.”

The teacher’s reply was casual, “Ten years.” Impatiently, the student answered, “But I want to master it faster than that. I will work very hard. I will practice everyday, ten or more hours a day if I have to. How long will it take then?”

The teacher thought for a moment, “20 years.”

– Source: http://theunboundedspirit.com/10-short-zen-stories/#sthash.6XRIIwUv.dpuf

We live in a society that is obsessed with  “Quick Fixes.”  Of course we can always find one for every problem, however, the results never address the real issue and often we end up back where we started.

We have quick fix diets, we have quick fix remedies for depression or anxiety, credit cards and loans to attain whatever we desire quickly and the list goes on.  At some point we need to acknowledge that most of our problems have accumulated over many years and if we are to face them head on, we need time, self-discipline and patience to see changes.

Gen Y X and Z are all in a hurry to get things quickly.  My twenty year old daughter often talks about moving in and renting beautiful apartments or houses and is surprised when I look at her perplexed, suggesting she may have to climb a few mountains before she gets to the top.

Certainly, being disciplined does not mean living a limiting or a restrictive lifestyle or, does not mean giving up everything we enjoy.

It does mean learning how to focus our mind and energies on our goals and dreams and persevere until they are accomplished. It means cultivating a mindset whereby we are ruled by our deliberate choices rather than by our emotions, bad habits, or the sway of others.  It means getting up everyday whether we like it or not and practising our disciplines so we can heal and see our dreams fulfilled.

These suggestions have helped me:

Learn what motivates you and what triggers the habits you want to stop.

Use self-discipline to create good routines everyday.

Start with baby steps and be patient for changes and your routine.

Visualise yourself already completing your goals and your desired outcome. 

Practice and be patient, knowing these are long-term lifestyle changes rather than short-term.

Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them. – Jim Rohn

16 thoughts on “Quick Fix

  1. Good one Karen. My friend and I were talking about this just the other day. My first couch was a double mattress that I leaned against the wall at a slight angle and threw myself into. Young folks today expect a fully furnished apartment with every comfort of their parent’s home! ❤
    Diana xo

    1. Yes they do expect it Diana, however I believe it is up to us as parents to make sure they learn the illusion and fantasy are not real, and it takes hard work to achieve it. Unfortunately, I see too many parents give in and set them up for anything and so the lesson goes unlearned. “Double Mattress” sounds familiar! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Patience and discipline will bring us wherever we want to go…. Especially when I remind myself that discipline derives from disciple – finding something worth following!

  3. Thank you, Karen. A synchronicity … I just spoke with a young woman who wanted the ‘instant pill’ to resolve something that required those very Saturnine qualities patience, dedication, perseverance, resilience, and yes, creativity and moxie. So yes, good wisdom you’re sharing, and it’s nice to stir in a bit of magic into that cauldron as well, isn’t it? Thanks again for sharing.

    1. In Counselling, I often meet people who would like the instant pill! The qualities you speak of are a gift to us all Jamie and it is a daily choice to use them. Stirring in some magic definitely adds to our outcome! Thankyou for your kind comment.

  4. Karen I love this post. When I started illustrating my picture book I use to think the first illustration will do it…….I am further down the track now and most illustrations have been completed about three to four times each. I laugh now at how I thought I would have this book finished in a flash. Now I understand the gathering of skills and knowledge and taking my time to see it through and present the best art and words I can muster. I have learn’t patience through this quest and that I am okay with it all taking a long time….Oh the wisdom.

    1. I too can see how much patience and discipline is needed to complete a worthy piece. I think we know when we have put our heart and soul into a project. Your wisdom shines through and your patience is reflected in such beautiful art and writing. Thanks Kath.

    1. Ha, well you are not alone in that charge Rommel. The long road isn’t always the one that seems easier to walk, but its the only road to find deep peace and healing. Thankyou as always!

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