Our Beliefs

If we cannot change our environment, it can be one of two reasons:

1. Either we haven’t committed to really change it

2. We haven’t cleared the judgements we have told ourselves as truth.

These judgements we have told ourselves and have believed since childhood, block us from opening ourselves up to receive and expand our potential.  As there is no edge or end to our potential, until we re-train our minds to release and rewire these negative thoughts we have for ourself, we may continue to feel stuck and unhappy.

Over the years I have judged myself harshly at times and instead of sending myself loving and accepting thoughts through difficult challenges, I learned to accept I deserved negative judgements on some level.

Through the 1990’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. Emoto hired photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables and subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures. The results were nothing short of remarkable. Source: (http://www.highexistence.com/water-experiment/)

Kind words and thoughts

Negative words and intentions

As our Adult bodies are made up of between 70 and 80% water, how we speak to ourselves and the beliefs we have of ourselves has a profound effect on our health and our well-being.  The more negative beliefs we have, the more our vibration stays low and attracts this belief.  As we change the way we speak to ourselves and others, our vibration can be raised and helps invite the experiences in we need and want.

The best way to become aware of this pattern is to become conscious of our thoughts.

Each time I had a thought of judgement on myself or others I made a note.  How many times a day I was doing this was much more than I thought.  Once I became conscious of this daily pattern, I began to practice changing it.

If my thought was “I will never achieve that”  I would say “I am grateful for the immense potential I have.”  Each time I changed my negative thoughts to positive thoughts, I began to expand my vibration and started to see the changes I needed and also began to open the doors towards my goals.

Becoming aware is always the first step and then just practice, practice, practice!  It became easier as I began to believe what I was saying and if you believe that the molecules in water can change, then we must know we are worthy of so much more.



23 thoughts on “Our Beliefs

  1. wow those crystallines are amazing. I tend to judge myself pretty harshly. I need to replace negative self-talk with positive thoughts. Thanks for the reminder Karen! ❤
    Diana xo

  2. This is a welcome reminder and an important one, too, about the power of the ‘internalized critic’ or internalized ‘voice of harsh judgement’. I’ve greatly appreciated Dr. Emoto’s work with the water crystals and the effects of word/thought/sound vibrations; the photos really help make the point, don’t they? Thanks for sharing. It’s such great practice to ‘flip’ the criticism/judgement into something more spacious and loving! Blessings and thank you, Jamie

    1. Thankyou Jamie. We do have so much power in our thoughts and our voice. If we all just try a little each day to create beautiful crystals within the universe will expand! 🙂

  3. Being loving and compassionate towards ourselves is indeed a practice! The water crystals are so impactful!
    Thank you for the reminder Karen.
    I love the Eileen Caddy quote 🙂

    1. I find her quote very comforting too! The crystals gave me a visualisation of what I might be creating within with my thoughts and that was a great reminder!! Thanks Val.

  4. I love this post!! Thank you, Karen. It is so important to realize this truth…and then to change the negative to the positive!! ❤ Hope all is super in your world!

  5. Karen and a person who is without judgement must be at peace I am thinking. I love the idea of not judging others and most of all being kind to ourselves. It must be one of the hardest skills to achieve. I have read a lot of Louise Hays and took many lesson away from her books about my thoughts and how they can make me ill.

    1. Yes so true, I am beginning to really understand working in Counselling just how much negative talk we say to ourselves. I am always working on it myself. It is a very difficult habit to eliminate but the results are increased inner and outer health and vitality! Thanks Kath.

  6. Belief, ideas, can be a very powerful, captivating, and not to mention, contagious thing… both positively and negatively, whether true or not, earthly or spiritual.

  7. Good post about addressing our self-talk. I often think of my cells as little children listening to every word I say. If I’m being hard on myself (old conditioning) I ask myself, “Would you say this to a little child?” Of course not, so it gets me out of the old pattern and sets me up for a better paradigm.

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