“A dream doesn’t die because it has no truth. It dies because you fail to nurture it.” Susie Clevenger

I was having a massage yesterday for the first time this year and as she began massaging the tight muscles in my leg, which was extremely painful, it made me question why I had left it so long and why I didn’t allow myself regular massages, to avoid pain or injury.

Are we a result of our inborn capabilities or rather of our effort to develop our potential and nurture ourselves? Why do some of us nurture and care for our mind, body and spirit and others cannot?

This question stayed with me all day as to why we say “no” to ourselves when it comes to nurturing.  Too often we forget to take care of ourselves or we run out of time and energy or we have a list of excuses why we can’t.

We all know how good we feel after nurturing, we all know that taking time to be still, allowing gratefulness, massaging, sleeping, yoga or whatever it is that helps you recharge, can balance everything in our life and yet we continue to deny this for ourselves.

We do have a choice though as to what we do with what we were given.  Voltaire said, “We must accept the cards life deals us, but once they are in hand, we alone must decide how to play them in order to win the game”.

Emotions have great power that is very convincing to us, they convince us we do not deserve or need nurturing in our life and we then decide that this is our truth.  In order to change this belief and perspective we have for ourselves, we need to discover why we believe we do not deserve love and nurturing.

These beliefs are strongly imprinted in our DNA and often we feel, it’s too hard to change them.  When we decide we can change them and this is always our choice, and we make the effort (and yes its a big effort at times) we allow ourselves permission to receive and then we allow ourselves to acknowledge that we have needs, and they need to be nurtured.

Discover why you do not nurture yourself and make a commitment today to change it.  I have already booked in for my next massage and have decided to be more aware of my needs in life.  Let yourself seek balance to feel good, healthy and allow yourself to find your own personal peace.  You absolutely deserve it!

4 thoughts on “Nurturing

    1. Thanks Diana. I certainly don’t always remember to nurture but I’m getting better at it as I get older. Have a beautiful nurturing day.

    1. Thankyou Jennifer I think women are the hardest on themselves so we need to take time to look after ourselves.

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