I gracefully release who I was and allow the presence of who “I AM” – Sa Silvano

In order to fully understand the words “I AM” we must let go of our past and of our future.  This in itself is very difficult to do, as every thought we create in our mind, pulls us away from this moment and into thinking.  When we attach our identity from the past or to the future self, we cannot connect to the knowledge that “WE ARE”.

Letting go of my old self and my old beliefs may take a life-time to complete as society constantly labels us from our past experiences and problems.  Can you imagine at your next job interview when they ask you to share about who you are and what you have done, you simply answer “I AM”.

Well, you may not get the job, and yet, it is the truth.  Eckhart Tolle says “What a realisation it is to know, that the voice in my head is not who “I AM”.  Can we let go of that voice from the past or the voice from the future that labels us and tells us “We cannot” or “We will one day”.

In believing we are not all, we are separating ourselves from the truth.  Labelling ourselves as someone who cannot do this or isn’t good at that or can only attract certain people into our life, keeps us separated from the infinite possibilities of now.

We all want to be identified as someone, it’s a normal feeling to have.  We want others to know of our achievements and our success and yet, when we completely surrender and let go of what was, we can finally allow “what is” and that is to know we only have this moment, no ego and no past or future story to attach to.

In allowing our minds to expand that we are everything, we create space to achieve more than we ever imagined.

How can we let go today of limiting labels that we have placed on ourselves? and how will that free us to open ourselves to experience infinite possibilities?  I would love to hear how you practice this.


19 thoughts on “I AM

  1. I love your final quote. Since I am such an avid thinker, researcher, and reader, the greatest part of my transformation has been to let go of the idea that the answer is “out there”….and I know I can find it! I’m still working on it, but I’m much more comfortable with this non-striving life than at any other time in my history. It’s not out there. It’s here now. I Am.

    1. Thankyou for your wise comment! Always wanting to control most of the outcomes in my life I totally understand what you mean. It is indeed an easier life to let go and allow!

  2. Sometimes I think that who I am now is who all my little stories have created me to be. But once in a while, I wonder if I am much more than my stories can ever tell. I get a glimpse of myself in these moments.

    1. Yes beautiful eM. Those glimpses we have are to realise and understand that we have the potential to be so much more!!

  3. I used to write down who I felt I wanted ‘to be’ and never really felt that it was me, even though it was the ‘who’ I was trying to be. Over the past two years I have come to accept some of the negative aspects that are not on my list (as who would write negative aspects as something to strive for?) and realize that those weak points actually contribute to who I really am.
    So there is the striving bit of me and then there is the real me.
    Thanks for this self-awakening post.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, discovering who we are is often found when we finally let go of who we think we are. I guess that’s why Eckhart tells us to stop thinking about it and just be! Easy said than done ha

  4. Love this post Karen! When we realize that we are more than the labels we give ourselves, more than our ego, our thinking and stories, and our physical body…. then it becomes a bit easier to let go of who we think we were and all the “stuff” that was attached to it.
    This is real freedom!
    So Hum 🙂

    1. I agree Val Thankyou. It’s so good to share blogs with like-minded people who inspire me! Here’s to always expanding and discovering more about ourselves.

    1. Thankyou Louise, nice to hear from you! I appreciate you thinking of me and acknowledging my blog.

  5. Hi again Karen, I like your topic today. Somehow I am taken by your photo header: It’s the one I have on my blog. We both have good taste!
    On the topic of surrender.
    There is a portrait depicting the crucifixtion, which is quite graphic and artistically distorted; most likely to leave a lasting impression. On it one finds missing the four most sought after things in this world-wealth, pleasure, power and control.

    First-wealth, Jesus’ clothes were being cast lots for. Second-pleasure, He was experiencing unbearable pain. Third-power, He had no control, as He was nailed to the cross. And last-honor, all were hurling insults, ridicule and all kinds of abuse.

    So, what,then, does one see, when observing Jesus hanging there? Lacking all those desirable things-one sees a happy man.

    Once we no longer give those things top priority in our lives, then we are truly free to say: “I Am.”

    1. Thankyou Alan. The description of Jesus on the cross is both extremely painful and beautiful to visualise and is often how I have felt when letting go of control and things in my life.

      It is the description of I AM.

      You have a special gift in connecting your understanding of life into words and it will inspire many.


  6. As the droplet is to the ocean, I am,
    As the lick of flame is to the fire, I am,
    As the sunbeam is to sunlight, I am,
    As the Great Spirit is, I am.

    1. Thats great Ian, not many people can understand the concept of “I AM” let alone explain it, and yet, you have done it so well for us. Thankyou for sharing.

      1. What I am aware of is the property of all but I appreciate your sentiments and, by the way, none of my writings is copyright so feel free to use it but quote its source without quoting me e.g. name of the book or file or the URL.

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