What is Happening?

Don’t be too quick to interpret this moment.

Just be quiet. My encouragement will always be; Never think anything is against you, everything is a blessing. Why should it be different? Just be quiet. Let it all work itself out.


Two men were sitting quietly on the riverbank watching ducks glide over the water, when suddenly, two of the ducks started fighting.

This went on for a few minutes when one of the men said, ‘This is awful, we must do something immediately to protect the duck that is being attacked.’

However, the other man did not reply and continued observing quietly.

Later that day, the man who spoke was still upset about the ducks fighting and more so, about the man who did not reply or do anything.

Unable to stop his mind from looping over and over about his experience, he decided to call his spiritual teacher. After sharing the story he asked, ‘So who was right?’

The teacher replied, ‘Until the mind believes that something is wrong or something is happening, then nothing is happening.’

28 thoughts on “What is Happening?

  1. Mooji’s quote feels such a soothing comforting reminder to read. And the story is so perfect for the message. For the most part we are observers indeed and everything is a blessing in how we can be part of unfolding ✨

    1. I agree. I’m always so surprised how many times my mind believes something is wrong or is bigger than it is. Thank you Pragalbha 🧑🌈

  2. The teacher replied, β€˜Until the mind believes that something is wrong or something is happening, then nothing is happening.’
    ~ Herein lies humanity’s predicament to the unfolding existential crises facing us.

    1. I agree, however don’t see it as passive state, but rather an inherent calm that is always within you. When we recognise and confirm this is true, we can feel lighter. You can still speak your truth and set boundaries in life, but overtime you understand that when you are in this natural state of being, you learn to trust that the universe will work it out the best way possible, with or without any interference from our mind or ego identity. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  3. I get it in theory–bless everything. See the God in everything. But man, it’s hard! Especially with what’s happening in the world right now . . .

    1. I totally agree Kristine and one way I have learned to live amongst the pain, suffering and injustices of the world, which unfortunately, will always exist! is to discover the peace and harmony within me. It’s here within everyone. It’s also expanded by gratefulness for what we do have. Knowing when to give out to others or retreat and being still enough to see a bigger perspective than the one the media feeds us each day. These small steps create a difference and each of us can choose this. πŸ₯°πŸ§‘πŸ₯°

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