Things Fall apart and Come together

woman in black shirt and white skirt falling on her back on grass field

Surrender to all changes in life. They are here to grow us.

Pic: Kelli McClintock/unsplash /

Why is it that we are surprised when there is suffering or challenges in our life?

Pema Chödrön reminds us that when things fall apart it’s not only to challenge us but to create change and healing in us. So often, I have resisted suffering or the challenging times, however, when I allow life to fall apart and work through the teaching it has for me, I come back together again more easily.

Life is always evolving and our only job is to practice moving with it, and learning how to adapt to the changes. Pema says that our healing comes from letting there be room for everything. Room for our grief, for relief, for renewal, for misery, for joy and allowing ourselves to let it all go and start again.

Freedom, resilience and peace are always found in this practice.

17 thoughts on “Things Fall apart and Come together

  1. As usual Pema Chodron is not only right but spot on. I personally have experienced things falling apart badly once it lasted 8 years, but now it has come back so much better than before. Sometimes we just need space. Good post Karen 🙂

  2. Yes it took a long time for me to realise I am the light and the dark! We have been taught to hide anything bad… thank goodness we’re coming back to our senses! Beautiful writing karen❤️

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