Body Language

‘There is always a price to pay. When we don’t listen to the messenger.’

Melissa Ambrosini

There is nothing more powerful than chronic pain or an injury to slow us down and break us open.

Of course, we can drown it out with pain medication or busyness, but I have learned many times over, that when my body speaks, I listen.

It’s a powerful messenger and when my mind is too busy doing other things, or stressing about nothing! my body has only one way to speak to me, or to warn me that something is off balance, and that is through pain, injury or suffering.

My body never lies. It doesn’t believe in bad luck, bad timing or unlucky breaks. It’s an intelligent being and if I am experiencing any pain or suffering, it’s always for a reason.

Each day I take the time to listen to my body, and nurture it with love and good food, but some days, even this doesn’t stop my mind from ignoring the signs.

We only get one chance at ‘life’ so let’s remember to listen to our body language. These messages might save our life!

24 thoughts on “Body Language

  1. Absolutely well said and agree with you fully. Our body communicates to us constantly and it is not in English so we often miss it 🙂 It is so important to build the awareness to listen and understand the intelligent mechanisms of our system to avoid suffering in more unpleasant ways.

  2. This is so true, Karen. I’ve learned to listen and HEED its message… to ignore it is to risk further injury and a long haul to recovery. Whether simply listening to it tell me that ‘stretch if far enough’ in yoga to ‘time to take a break’ from gardening, it is a wise friend indeed.

  3. I learned when I don’t listen, my body gets my attention in ways that stop me. Extreme back pain was the best thing that ever happened to me. I started listening and learning how to heal my body inside and out. I’ll never ignore her again.

    1. Such a beautiful example Sarah. When we respond to our pain with compassion, it teaches us so much about ourselves and opens an awareness to our behaviours and beliefs. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻💕

    1. I agree Ka, it does require patience and there has always been a deep learning for me through any pain, whether it has been physical or emotional. 🤗

  4. Thanks for sharing this helpful reminder. Yes, my body offers such helpful signals to slow down, or move or care for myself. These are valuable signals I don’t want to ignore. I always appreciate your offerings.

  5. My words for the year are “nourish” and “cultivate.” I am sure they have as much to do with body as soul–all so interconnected. Our bodies communicate with us so much and we’re not very good at listening!

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